Chapter 280 – Roger!

As he reported, he also took out the account book that recorded the sales that occurred over the past few days and handed it over to Huan Qing Yan to check.

Huan Qing Yan opened the book and saw that they had earned a few thousand spirit stones just over the past five days itself; to obtain such sales was indeed good.

As it was equivalent to a few months’ worth of their previous earnings.

“Over the next few days, our Huan Clan Restaurant will stop selling ordinary dishes. We will only sell spirit dishes…”

This new direction can now take place as earning spirit stones was way better than earning silvers.

On another end, Chef Yan was busily preparing spirit dishes.

Despite seeing Huan Qing Yan, he was unable to leave his station to greet her.

“Seeing how Chef Yan is so busy now, you can start hiring some intermediate spirit chefs. Chef Yan will focus on preparing our specialty dishes and the others will prepare the normal dishes on the menu. This will greatly save the time needed. In addition, have you used up all the spirit ingredients that I passed to you a few days ago?”

“Ok, I will make preparations to hire more chefs over the next few days as we are currently too busy. The spirit ingredients are also close to depletion, if Young Mistress did not visit today, I would have sent someone to inform you…”

Huan Qing Yan collected the spirit stones that she earned. She was dirt poor now, with this new source of income, things were finally starting to turn better.

She also took out large quantities of spirit ingredients ranging from vegetable types to fungi types, fishes of various sizes, spirit filled chicken eggs, and even a big fat goat…

The ancient bowl’s dimension was current holding all sorts of free range spirit poultry, producing chicken, duck, and goose eggs daily; within a few days, the green pastures that were holding these poultries was filled with a white layer of eggs.

Domesticated fowls were easy to rear; in a blink of an eye, their numbers increased greatly into a large flock.

Fortunately, the poultries were reared within the pastures in front of the wooden building, while the backyard was used to grow the crops and fruits. As both sections were not connected, the crops and produce were safe from being damaged by the poultries.

When Shopkeeper Ma saw so many things, his eyes went wide; these were all spirit stones!

This time, the amount of ingredients that the Young Mistress took out was many times more than the amount she gave previously. He was told that the ingredients were all provided by Young Master Ya, so he immediately clasped his hands and faced Young Master Ya, “Young Master Ya, I thank you for your great support towards the Huan Clan Restaurant.”

Ji Mo Ya maintained his elegant poise as a great nobleman with a silent smile.

Huan Qing Yan coughed for a moment, “Call Chef Yan out now, I will be teaching him two new dishes to be our specialty…”

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“Wait a moment, now that the Huan Clan Restaurant’s business has improved, from today onwards, everyone’s income should be increased as well. For the moment, we will give out a bonus equivalent to one percent of the restaurant’s income, as for how this bonus is to be allocated, I will leave it to you Shopkeeper Ma…’

With the booming business, if she did not increase their income, the worker’s morale would be greatly affected.

Shopkeeper Ma was proficient with accounting. He did a quick mental count and noticed that the bonus to be allocated might even be higher than their current monthly salaries! What’s more, they were paid in the form of spirit stones and the amount to allocate was decided by him…

When he thought about it, an inexhaustible energy travelled throughout his whole body.

Shopkeeper Ma immediately acknowledged her order.

Chef Yan approached shortly after, and Huan Qing Yan patiently taught him two more recipes…

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After the dishes were made, Ji Mo Ya would be the first to taste time, he would simply eat spirit dishes while watching Huan Qing Yan cook.

Huan Qing Yan had a delicate and beautiful figure, wearing the pure white chef uniform and the pure white chef hat, with no other accessories on her, it allowed her to exude an exceptional sense of gentle beauty.

The only person who was feeling pressured was Chef Yan; due to the nature of learning the recipe, he would occasionally need to be close to the Young Mistress, and whenever he did get too close to Huan Qing Yan, he would always feel a sharp piercing gaze coming from Young Master Ji Mo. The gaze would always cause him to feel a numbing chill, causing him to nearly injure his fingers when he was cutting the ingredients.

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