Chapter 279 – Hey, What Are You Doing!

Soon after, he continued writing, “Our clan descendants who are currently outside Hanging Cloud Empire should stay away, and those that are currently within the Hanging Cloud Empire should quickly go on an adventure to train themselves as well…”

One spirit crane after the other was being produced and sent in all directions; their destinations were the elite descendants within the clan.

Finally, Su Shi thought about all the effort he had done to reach this point; the plan he started had given him nothing but emptiness. His heart could not help but feel frustrated.

After strolling for a few rounds within the courtyard, Su Shi’s eyes turned murderous for a moment; since things had reached this point, he might as well see things to the end. He would forcefully search the Huan Estate; he would refine the soul of Huan Bei Ming’s wife to check her memories, and if there were still nothing to gain, he would then admit failure…

He did not care that it was currently broad daylight. He immediately flew towards the direction of the Huan Estate.

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Huan Clan Restaurant, business was booming.

Despite not being meal time yet, there were already many people coming and going; due to a lack of seats, there were many people queuing outside, patiently waiting for their turn to enter.

The four spirit characters that was hanging outside the restaurant was shining brightly, looking mysterious, as though they were alive.

Huan Qing Yan looked at the current situation, “Why not I go in alone, Young Master Ya can wait awhile here?”

Ji Mo Ya looked at her with an expression that looked as though he was half between smiling and not. It appeared that he disagreed with her suggestion.

Huan Qing Yan quickly thought of an idea and took out a black piece of cloth, attempting to hide Ji Mo Ya’s face with it, “Young Master Ya, it is better if we hide your face…”

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Being too handsome could also be a form of burden.

Ji Mo Ya also seemed to disagree with this idea… He locked his gaze at her.

Huan Qing Yan quickly thought of something else and stopped her actions, “That is not good too, even without looking at his face, that unique aura coming out from your body is still too eye-catching.”

Ji Mo Ya’s eyes revealed a glint of a smiling intent, this lass finally said something decent today.

He pulled her with him as he jumped onto the roof, causing Huan Qing Yan to scream out at the sudden situation. She quickly hugged him tightly…

“Hey, what are you doing! Isn’t it just hiding your face? Must you bring me to the roof to push me off it?!”

Ji Mo Ya was unable to contain his laughter as he chuckled, this lass sent herself into his arms the last time she was drugged, this time she also did the same; the feeling… was indescribably good.

Unfortunately, the travel was too short, after a few leaps and bounds, they had arrived.

He released Huan Qing Yan, “Seeing how timid you are, it looks like I should reconsider my idea of letting you ride my flying dragon in the future.”

“Ah, no no no, I am full of guts. Remember to call me when you are riding your dragon; the previous time when you were riding your dragon, it was so cool and awesome…” Huan Qing Yan quickly added.

“See my mood then, let’s go in.”

Huan Qing Yan looked around and discovered that they were at the back entrance of the Huan Clan Restaurant, “Young Master Ya, how did you know that this is the back entrance, I did not know about this when I was here previously! You are really smart…”

Her bootlicking skills were completely tactless. Ji Mo Ya gave her a look of disdain before entering first.

Huan Qing Yan giggled before following him as well.

When the two appeared from the back entrance of the Huan Clan Restaurant, the staff were all shocked; they quickly sent word to Shopkeeper Ma who was at the front so that he could come and give her a report of the things that had happened when she was away.

“My respects to Young Master Ji Mo. To have Young Master Ji Mo visit us again is our greatest pleasure; the seats outside are currently filled, so please excuse us for not being able to give you a seat immediately. I will go out right away to find a seat for you now…”

Ji Mo Ya calmly replied, “No need.”

Shopkeeper Ma apologized again before showing a delightful face as he happily gave a report, “Young Mistress, the two dishes that you taught us have attracted a large number of customers! In addition, together with those fresh and delicious ingredients that were overflowing with spirit energy, it had allowed our restaurant to be filled with customers literally every single day…”

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