Chapter 278 – A Great Miscalculation

Mu Wu continued, “After we break your curse, we will require you to tell us the mastermind that was instructing all of you; there might also be a need for you to come out and be our witness. I hope there is no problem regarding that?”

The three individuals blinked their eyes rapidly to indicate that they had no problems with that.

Very quickly, the scorpions climbed out of their mouths after exploring every corner of their bodies.

Along with the fingernail size Sesame Scorpion, was a thin red string being dragged out that was attached to its legs and tail… the thin line was from within the bodies of the three individuals.

When the Sesame Scorpion appeared, it climbed to the top of each person’s head, it moved its claws and begun to pull at the red string. As it pulled, it ate the red string; from the looks of it, it seemed to be a delicacy.

After pulling for ten minutes, it finally managed to pull out the entire red string from the body of the trio.

If the Sesame Scorpions had not ate the red strings, they would likely be about a few meters in length…

Mo Wu returned the three Sesame Scorpions into the bottle while unlocking the acupuncture points of the three individuals.

“The curse has been removed, speak…”

The three of them all felt a sense of relaxation as the faint binding that was within their body seemed to have totally disappeared; they were both happy yet insecure at the change.

“I will speak, we will all tell you…”


Su Estate.

This was where the number one clan of the Hanging Cloud Empire reside; they possessed a large amount of clan members and were descendants of the founder of the Hanging Cloud Empire’s State Teacher Academy. Even now, there were multiple descendants serving as State Teachers within the current State Teachers Academy. The clan had also produced multiple empresses of the empire and could be said to be an absolutely unshakeable entity within Hanging Cloud Empire.

Within the main courtyard of the Su Estate sat an elder who was currently meditating.

His expression was pale, while his originally youthful looks had changed greatly. His face was now wrinkled and darkened, like a dying old man.

Suddenly, his chest tightened as he vomitted a mouth of blood without any prior signs.

“To think that someone could break this old man’s curse…”

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The elder was startled and angry, with a guess, he already knew who was behind this.

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Who else but Ji Mo Ya had the capability and guts to do so?!

Su Shi felt his heart tiring.

He had made a great miscalculation; he originally planned to use that Greater Demon for one last time. Using that demon’s hands to help Yu’er remove his greatest competition, Bai Chen Feng, before silencing the Greater Demon to end everything. If that had succeeded, even if the emperor were to investigate him, he would not be afraid…

However, the plan met with unexpected changes.

The first unexpected situation was that he was tricked by the Eagle Demon. This Eagle Demon was a King Rank before it was injured! To break a blood vow with a King Rank demon had cost him a hundred years of his cultivation, causing him to quickly descend to a mid-stage True Spirit Master.

The second was that the assassination attempt on Bai Chen Feng was likely witnessed by Ji Mo Ya. He must have likely saw the Eagle Demon but did not come out to catch it; his intention must’ve been to lure the person that was controlling it and Su Shi himself did not notice that. In the end, Bai Chen Feng was still alive, and Su Shi was exposed during this incident.

Su Shi was not willing to be resigned to this outcome, and at the same time, he hated the members of the Ji Mo Clan.

This was the territory of the Hanging Cloud Empire; the Ji Mo Clan was being too nosy to poke into their affairs.

‘Ji Mo Ya, since you are willing to take things so far, do not blame this old man for being ruthless!’

Su Shi stood up and used his finger as a pen and spirit energy as ink to write on the air.

The characters he wrote were not the characters of the human language; they were more closer to the runic language used by the demons instead.

After writing the words, Su Shi opened his mouth to release a wave of spirit energy onto the words; the words turned alive and transformed into a spirit crane.

Normally, this would have been the end of the procedure, but Su Shi was being exceptionally cautious; to be prudent, he casted several more secret spells onto the spirit crane before he released it.

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