Chapter 277 – Icon Of Impassive High Authority

Ji Mo Ya replied, “No.”

Just as Huan Qing Yan planned to give her long list of reason and logic, and to also discuss about what was meant by freedom of speech and human rights, Ji Mo Ya opened his mouth, “Mo Si, turn around. Head to the Spirit Master Alley.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

Mo Si was currently disguised as a horse carriage driver; he turned the carriage around and drove it towards the direction of Spirit Master Alley.

He was silently saying in his heart, ‘Young Master, oh Young Master, what direction are you planning to develop this into! You are supposed to attend a banquet but when you heard that the little fat chick left the house, you immediately rushed to the Imperial Medical Building. You are now even doing whatever the little fat chick is requesting, Young Master, where did that icon of impassive high authority and firm principles disappeared too….’


At the outskirts of the city, within an unremarkable farming home.

There were several people within it, their appearances were messy and sorry-looking, and their expressions were also of that in great fear. On a closer look, these people were actually the surviving descendants of Huan Lao San’s family.

Huan Ying Hu had wanted to force himself onto Huan Qing Yan and was killed by Ji Mo Ya on the spot. Huan Lao San and his wife, had their hearts removed by Huan Jiu Li. Only their direct descendants and close relatives remained. Due to the arrival of the Feather Guards, these people managed to stay alive and were later brought away by the Feather Guards.

After a series of investigations, the people that were not involved were eventually released.

Only three people remained, two men and one woman, and they were Huan Ying Hu’s elder brothers and his concubine. A curse had been placed within their bodies.

So they were imprisoned in this secret location, instead.

Mo Wu was covered in black and stood in front of the trio.

He was not within the Hanging Cloud Capital over the past few days; he went to the nearest branch of the Ji Mo Clan to acquire the method to break curses.

He took out a black little bottle that was the size of his palm; it looked coarse and dull.

When he opened the bottle, a black gas began to come out of it.

This scared the trio greatly, causing them to retreat as they pleaded for mercy, “My lord, my lord, please, we do not wish to die!”

“My lord, we were only cursed; although we did have plans to deal with Huan Qing Yan and her family, we are yet to take any action. All we did was mock them and speak of things behind their backs, she was not hurt or injured at all.”

“We also did not take a single dime from their family; her father’s corpse was swapped by Huan Dong Hai, we did not know of this… Ying Hu’s death was also not related to us. We tried to dissuade him but who knew that he was controlled by his lust…”

Each of them tried their very best to draw a line from the perpetrators as they pleaded.

Mo Wu was not deterred by their words. He was a solemn person and was a firm character that saw things to the end. Therefore, he naturally was not distracted by the actions and words of these people in front of him.

Three pulses of spirit energy were emitted.

Each of them landed on each prisoner’s acupuncture point, immobilizing them.

Mo Wu wore a glove and took out three purplish-red little scorpions from within the small bottle, putting each of them inside each person’s mouth.

Though the three prisoners were unable to move their bodies, their eyes could still move; each of them watched how the little scorpions were fed into the mouth of others, causing their eyeballs to nearly fallout from the sight.

Two of them even peed on themselves on the spot due to the fear.

When the scorpions entered their mouths, traces of their movements could be seen; Mo Wu tore away the shirt of one of the men, and what he saw was a small moving bulge the size of a fingernail moving through every corner of the man’s body…

“These are special Sesame Scorpions, they can help you break the curse and would not take you life.” Mo Wu said.

The trio’s expressions calmed down after hearing that their lives would not be in danger; being still young, they did not wish to die yet.

Especially if they were to die from excruciating pain created by a poisonous object that chewed their innards as it traveled through their bodies.

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