Chapter 95 – Seductive Charm

At that moment, the door creaked as it was opened.

Lou Xiang walked in with a plate holding tea and respectfully gave Bai Cheng Feng a bow before saying, “Good day Lord Ninth, Miss Meng Yue, are you fine?”

The two of them looked at her before Bai Cheng Feng slightly frowned and said, “Dismiss yourself. Who gave you permission to enter?”

Lou Xiang replied in panic, “Young Mistress was worried about Miss Meng Yue’s body, she was worried that she would catch a cold for falling into water in this weather. Therefore, she asked me to bring this tea for Miss Meng Yue to drink, it would be bad if Miss Meng Yue falls sick.”

Bai Cheng Feng did not even bother about what she said and said immediately, “There’s no need, bring it away.”

Now that Huan Meng Yue became a spirit master, she did not need this kind of cold prevention tea.

Yet unexpectedly, Lou Xiang replied in a smaller voice, “Lord is a powerful spirit master and might not need it but Miss Meng Yue had only just awakened her spirit treasure, how could she not drink the tea? In addition, this precious tea was said to be from our Master’s private collection and is a tea known to contain high spirit energy…”

Bai Cheng Feng’s eyes shone for a second. Good tea that was part of Huan Bei Ming’s private collection?

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Bai Cheng Feng had always been a smart individual, although he was unable to identify Huan Meng Yue’s spirit treasure, from its appearance and how his spirit treasure reacted to it, he was confident that Huan Meng Yue’s spirit treasure was not simple and therefore, greatly increased his interest of her.

His male instincts were telling him that this girl was strongly attracted to him, for a woman with her potential, if he could subdue her, he would have another strong supporter in the future.

Since Huan Meng Yue had just awoken her spirit treasure, she would need food possessing high levels of spirit energy.

When he thought it through, he said, “Serve it then.”

Lou Xiang calmly served them two cups of tea before she dismissed herself from fear of interrupting them further.

Bai Cheng Feng brought the teacup in front of him and took a sip, the tea was refreshing and possessed a mild sweetness and unique spiciness, the taste was also pretty good but most importantly, he could feel powerful spirit energy within it! That serving girl was right.

After he consumed the tea, he noticed that it gave him at least 150 points of spirit energy! No wonder it was kept as Huan Bei Ming’s private collection!

At the same time, his mood had turned great. He believed that he was served such good stuff simply because of his status as a prince, it looked like the Huan Estate knew how to manage their priorities.

Since Huan Bei Ming was gone, he guessed that it was their way of expressing goodwill towards him.

“You should drink it too, it is definitely a good tea.” Bai Cheng Feng suggested.

Huan Meng Yue’s face flushed before she nervously took a cup, her nervousness caused the teacup to shake and caused some of its contents to spill. When Bai Cheng Feng saw it, he lightly laughed and said, “What are you afraid off? Are you worried that this prince will eat you up?”

As he spoke, he assisted her by supporting her hand and brought the tea to Huan Meng Yue’s cherry little lips.

Huan Meng Yue drank the tea in shivers, her dream man was now sitting beside her casually, he used a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation method earlier on to save her and now he was feeding her tea. If she had not awoken her spirit treasure, she might have fainted from excitement.

She unconsciously licked her lips.

As the room turned silent, she felt her breathing getting rough while her body felt light.

Her little face was red beyond description and was beginning to display a seductive charm.

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“How are you feeling? Is it nice?” Bai Cheng Feng felt his heart itch when he saw the tender expression on Huan Meng Yue. He suppressed his emotions and said, “You have just awoken your spirit treasure and will require spirit energy to rank up your spirit treasure. This cup of tea could provide 150 points of spirit energy and is likely a treasure of the Huan Family, it is best if you do not waste it.”

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