Chapter 54: Conscious Skeleton?

Skeletons, this sort of undead summoned for battle were unable to leave too far away from their master, otherwise, these 18 super skeletons would have continuously carried out Long Yi’s command to kill those dark magical beasts until none was left.

When Long Yi and Leng Youyou was meditating, the 18 skeletons which have returned from the battle stood completely still beside the two of them. Long Two (skeleton holding blood colored sickle) suddenly moved, and inside its hollow eye sockets, a ray of strange red light flashed. Slowly, Long Two turned around and walked straight towards the meditating Long Yi. Its speed was extremely fast, it arrived at Long Yi’s side in a flash and after circling Long Yi a few times, it stood still at the location where a large amount of dark magic elements was gathered, before becoming devoid of any signs of life. .

After an unknown amount of time had passed, Leng Youyou woke up from her meditation. The second she opened her eyes, she saw Long Two standing right next to her, being caught completely unprepared, she jumped up in fright. When she saw that Long Two was also absorbing the dense dark magic element at the side of Long Yi just like her, she couldn’t help but become shocked. Sighing inside her heart, she thought, “Their master is already mysterious enough, but now even his skeletons are also so mysterious.”

In this space, there was no sun and there were no stars. The colour of the sky had always been dark and it seemed like dusk no matter how much time passed. Leng Youyou had already awoken from her third meditation, but Long Yi was still motionless and the dark magic element was getting denser and denser around his body, almost wrapping around Long Two aas well.

“Why are you still not awake? I’m already bored to death.” Leng Youyou sighed. The gains she had from meditating these past few days had greatly increased her magic and spirit power, which was comparable to the self-torture of the entire past year.. She was almost about to reach the rank of Dark Master Magician, but that didn’t make her happy at all. Instead of seeing those skeletons staring blankly into space when she woke up from her meditation each time, she would rather meditate continuously, without the need to wake up every now and then. What made it even more boring was that the dark magical beasts didn’t dare to go near the group of them at all. With Long Yi in the center, the 500 meters around them was considered a forbidden area for the dark magical beasts, which made this place seem even more lifeless as there no no signs of life around them.

Just when Leng Youyou was about start another session of meditation, the dense layer of dark magic elements around Long Yi began to fluctuate. A vast and abundant aura broke out of Long Yi’s body all of a sudden and Long Two, who was standing by his side was sent flying through the air from the sudden outburst. After falling down on the ground, it stood up again with cracking sounds, before returning to Long Yi’s side with several large strides.

With dark magic elements surrounding him, and a thin layer of light reflecting off his face, Long Yi appeared even more handsome while meditating. Suddenly, the shut eyes of Long Yi suddenly opened, then he uttered a loud and long cry. After that, Long Yi rose high into the air. In the sky, he suddenly dispersed into more than ten Long Yi.

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“Infinitely compassionate and merciful thousand leaf palm.” all of the Long Yi in the sky suddenly shouted loudly. Each Long Yi’s arms became illusionary blurs, resembling countless hands simultaneously launching the attack.

Hong hong hong, a burst of qi energy quickly shot out, and clusters of small holes appeared on the ground, stunning Leng Youyou. After the sudden outburst, Long YI descended from the sky as though he was as light as feather as he floated to the ground with a delighted expression on his face. Just a moment ago, he had broken through the first layer of AoTianJue and entered the second layer. Advancing through every single layer of AoTianJue would geometrically increase his internal force, moreover, the might of this world’s AoTianjue seemed much bigger than in the previous world.

Long Yi looked at those small holes in the ground and shook his head as he thought, “If I had used this Infinitely compassionate and merciful thousand leaf palm with fifth layer’s power of the previous world, then deep holes nearly a meter deep would have appeared on the attacked location.”

Long Yi lifted his head and looked at the shocked Leng Youyou, before laughing helplessly, he said, “Youyou, no need to be shocked. Your husband, I am not limited to such little skill, you’ll know next time.”

“Long Yi, you are truly powerful. You didn’t seem to have used douqi just now, but its might was so powerful, I think it was comparable to a Great Swords Master.” looking at Long Yi’s expression, Leng Youyou became even more confused. But mysterious and powerful men always had more attractiveness.

Long Yi laughed, and a light blue douqi suddenly appeared on his palm. It seems like his douqi was still at the rank of a Swords Master. Although he had not dedicated himself to combine douqi and AoTianJue, but Long Yi had always felt that this douqi and internal force were interlinked. The combination of these two should not be limited to using internal force to speed up douqi cultivation, they ought to be able to join together even more, but Long Yi still didn’t have any clues for the time being.

Seeing the dark magical beasts’ corpses all over the mountains and the plains, Long Yi was greatly satisfied with the performance of these 18 skeletons. He pat Long Two’s shoulders and said while laughing, “Good boy, you did a great job ah.”

“Why are you talking to skeleton ? it does not understand you.” Leng Youyou said.
“Hehe, I also don’t know, anyway I feel like this fellow is different from the rest.” Long Yi laughed.

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“All of your skeletons are strange, but this one is even stranger. Did you know? When dense dark magic element gathered around you while you were meditating, it actually stood by your side and started absorbing it.” Leng Youyou said.

Long Yi’s heart stirred, is it possible that this skeleton gave rise to its consciousness, but as soon as he thought about it, he felt like it wasn’t possible. All skeletons were just leftover bones from someone, how could they have the ability to give rise to their own consciousness? Could it be it did without thinking?

“Youyou, let’s go and see what the hell is going on with this damnable place.” Long Yi pulled Leng Youyou’s hand and said. He dared to confirm that this place was not outside of this world, rather, it was a another dimensional space. Whether or not they could leave this place, Long Yi decided that he would leave it up to fate.

Leng Youyou nodded her head and followed behind Long Yi. Two human with 18 skeletons began to move forward into the forest. Before they had gone far, Long Yi saw the corpses of dark magical beasts all over the place, and he wanted to use undead magic to resurrect these magical beasts to open up a path for them to walk through. After considering how all of their magic powers was completely absorbed by the 18 skeletons, there was not much use after resurrecting them, so he gave up that thought.

Throughout the way, the 18 skeletons slaughtered all the dark magical beasts they encountered. The class of magical beasts of this region were too low, and the amount of dark magic power they possessed was not much.

“Long Yi, why is there no water nearby?” On the way, Leng Youyou complained.

“Are you thirsty? I have a lot of water.” Because of the mission of Lost city, Long Yi had stored enough water and food inside his space ring.

“No, I want to take a bath, my body is so sticky, its making me uncomfortable.” Leng Youyou said with a depressed expression. It goes without saying that all girls like to be very clean, but after falling inside this space, she was not able to take a bath for such a long time, so how could she not complain. Before in the Huangmang plain, they could use primary water magic, water ball magic to collect fresh water and take a bath, but in this damnable place, there was only dark magic elements, no other magic elements were present, so water magic naturally couldn’t be casted.

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