Volume 4 Chapter 210: The Eventual Fall and Defeat of the Terror Demon King Griffin’s Surrogate Demonic Being

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It was currently night at the Fortress City Gibson. Due to the arrival of the Terror Demon King Griffin’s surrogate demonic being, the Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm, the atmosphere felt much darker. The night was filled with horrifying wails that spread throughout the city. It was so loud that those at the Demon King Coalition’s camp on the other side of the Selma River could hear them as well. 

The two goddesses on the banks of the Selma River, the Second Generation Death Goddess Maureen and the Water Goddess Serna, were so frightened that they clung to each other and curled up on the ground. Such wails of terror had once resounded across the God World. Listening to them once again had brought up some traumatic memories from the depths of their minds. 

The Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm was the giant-sized surrogate demonic being of the Terror Demon King Griffin. It was more than five hundred meters tall, and there was a horrifyingly ferocious-looking human face on the front and back of its head. Thus, this demonic being was also known as the “Two Faced Shura”.

The Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm was a horrifying sight to behold. There were many alive-looking human faces that protruded out from its body like tumors. Furthermore, this demonic being had six demonic hands, which made it even scarier. 

Many smaller versions of the Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm that were about three hundred meters tall followed it and moved in tandem with its giant steps. With each movement, the ground shook with a low rumbling sound.

The Demon King Coalition had already retreated to the edge of the gates of Gibson City. With the appearance of the Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm, the battle had reached the point where both parties were engaged in a fight to the death. Like the Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm, they were demonic beings as well. There was nothing that they could do to each other when it came down to a fight.

The Darkness Wizard God Kenneth was positioned at the Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm’s heart. The area was made up of a dark red magical array and appeared to be similar to the control room of a large mechanical armor.

Kenneth was currently at the center of the red magical array, controlling the Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm’s colossal body. Originally, the Terror Demon King Griffin was supposed to be there; however, its true form had not fully recovered yet as Griffin had been too complacent. If it were here in person, the Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm’s combat power would be many times stronger as compared to having Kenneth as a stand-in.

“Right now, I’m invincible. As long as I have the support of this demonic being, it doesn’t matter… what’s this light? It’s so blinding….”

Suddenly, a flash of light appeared in front of the magic mirror that Kenneth had been using to observe his surroundings. This obscured his vision and prevented him from seeing anything that went on outside. 

At the area near the fortress’s city walls, the Creator of Darkness Mystica landed in front of Bella and the others. The Origin Demon King Bella, Sky Demon King Dolores, Blood Demon King Eleanor, and the Underworld Demon King Cornice were gathered there. 

“Mystica, isn’t that Demon King over there cheating? How can we fight something this huge!”

Bella began to doubt everything that she believed in as she took in all five hundred meters of the Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm. She did not even know how to use her Great Evil Slaying sword to begin hacking away at such an enormous entity. No matter how she looked at it, it felt as though the demonic being could not be hacked to death at all.

“That’s not a cheat. Rather, It’s just one of the Demon King’s must-have battle forms. Actually, all of you can do that as well. However, I was afraid that everyone would not be able to adjust well to it and decided not to teach any of you the transformation method.”

It was clearly a challenge for the girls who took pride in their beauty to transform into such a terrifying form like the Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm. Furthermore, as the Underworld Demon King Cornice was extremely new, it was far too early for her to attempt anything like this. 

“Let me do it. Since I am born as the Demon Race, I’m more likely to adapt than Bella and Eleanor. They were born as Humans and might not be able to get used to it as quickly.”

“Alright then, I shall give you the curse. We’re counting on you. Bella, you ladies will support Dolores later!”

The Sky Demon King Dolores broke the ice and volunteered to attempt the transformation. A smile of relief broke out on the Creator of Darkness Mystica’s face. At this moment, Dolores was indeed the most suitable candidate.

The Blood Demon King Eleanor had been born Human. Without any prior training, it would be perilous for her to take up the form. As for Bella, Mystica was afraid that she would accidentally go too far and transform right into a Demon God. If that were to happen, they would be in so much trouble.

The Sky Demon King Dolores received the classic “Sky Praise” from the Creator of Darkness Mystica. When she opened the book, an enormous dark purple magical array appeared at her feet. A similar magical array had emerged when the Devastating Evil Dragon Lolita was transforming into her true form.

Corresponding to the magical array on the ground, a circular magical array appeared in the dark sky and sucked the Sky Demon King Dolores inside.

An enormous figure descended slowly from the circular magical array. This large Holy Demonic Being was about the same size as the Thousand Face Demon King Grimmhelm. Its body was covered in golden holy armor, and there were twelve pairs of angel wings flapping away on its back.

The Sky Demon Doris was one of the Sky Demon King Dolores’s many forms: it was nearly six hundred meters tall and was a fallen angel clad in golden armor. Out of the twelve pairs of wings, half of them were pure white angel wings, while the other half was made up of the fallen angel’s black wings.

The Sky Demon Doris wore a female-looking golden mask. From the outside, only a pair of heterochromatic irises that were black and gold respectively were visible. As it wore a hooded cape, its hair was hidden from sight, and its gender could not be determined yet. 

With the arrival of the Sky Demon Doris, a blast of pure white light lit up the dark sky. Other than the huge circular magical array that was used to summon the Sky Demon Doris, many different smaller arrays appeared around her as well. Just like the Thousand Face Demon on the ground, the Sky Demon Doris had brought along its underlings in preparation for battle.

The Sky Demon Doris’s underlings were giant Demonic Angels. Typically, a Demonic Angel had a wingspan of between fifty to one hundred meters. In addition to having a pair of withered angel wings, these Demonic Angels were utterly different from traditional angels. Especially their faces, which had the distorted visage of a monster.

Amongst the Demonic Angels, there were many Demonic Angel leaders that were more than two hundred meters tall. They had eight pairs of energy wings, similar to the rogue “Evangelions” from the comic books from Bella’s previous world.

President Maria, the Holy Swordsman Cynthia, as well as the four holy maidens of the Radiant Church, half-bowed on the ground with a confused expression on their faces. If an angel appeared, the members of the Radiant Church were required to bow in worship. However, these looked completely different from the angels that had been recorded in the Radiant Church’s ancient records. President Maria and the others were momentarily confused and thus only did it halfway.

“How can it be… where did this demonic being come from? Damn it, could it be that there’s a Demon King on the other side? Impossible! Disappear, now!”

In a puff of black smoke, the Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm raised its open mouth into the sky, and the faces on its body spat out black magical attacks that were aimed directly at the Sky Demon Doris in midair. 

The Sky Demon Doris refused to back down and raised up a layer of golden holy light shield that covered the entire area around it. The dark black magical attacks simply hit the golden shield and missed their target completely.

Once their leaders began to fight, their underlings stopped observing, and the Demonic Angels began to rain attacks on the demonic giants on the ground. Before they could fire off any attacks of their own, the demonic giants were beaten and fell to the ground.

The Fortress City Gibson had already become the battlefield for the two giant demonic beings. The two Demon King surrogates, as well as their underlings, were locked head to head in a battle in the city center, which had already been reduced to rubble. The already rumbling ground now shook increasingly violently as the “earthquakes” intensified.

Incidentally, Bella somehow managed to enter the Sky Demon Doris’s control room located at its heart. Meanwhile, the Sky Demon King Dolores was controlling the Sky Demon. 

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Unlike the Terror Demon King Griffin’s situation, the surrogate demonic being was currently controlled by the Demon King herself. In terms of power and chemistry, it was already more powerful than if it were an outsider. Bella could not see Dolores anywhere as she was currently hidden within the large beating heart. 

Through the translucent walls, Bella could see a vague outline of Dolores’s figure inside the heart. Based on her judgment as an “old hand”, she was certain that Dolores was absolutely naked. 

“Dolores, are you inside? Is there an entrance?”

“Bella… how did you get here? This is my territory! How exactly…”

“Nevermind that, let me in! It’s too dark outside, and I’m feeling uncomfortable.”

“Well… alright. Give me your hand; I’ll pull you in.”

Bella reached out and put her hand on the outside of the heart. While she was still wondering how Dolores planned to pull her in, she was sucked into the heart by an immense force. With the addition of Bella, the entire heart began to change. 

Suddenly, an intense beam of golden light burst out of the still-fighting Sky Demon Doris. This streak of light was extremely powerful and instantly turned the night at the Fortress City Gibson into day. This time, the light shot straight up into the skies and illuminated the Demon King Coalition’s camp on the northern banks of the Selma River. 

“S***, this power is… there’s no time. Wall of Devastation!”

The Devastating Evil Dragon Lolita was returning from her mission when she saw that beam of golden light. Immediately, she rushed to the fore of the Demon King Coalition and conjured up a black wall in front of them. 

Most of the demonic beings in the coalition were somewhat intelligent. Once they saw the tides changing, they swiftly began to retreat outwards. In the blink of an eye, millions of demonic beings had fled back into the cracks within the Fortress City Gibson.

The girls were the only ones who remained behind. As they were all close with Bella, out of worry, they chose to stay and observe. The majority of these beauties were rather strong, and they firmly believed that Bella would not hurt her own. 

“Sigh, Mistress Bella is up to some mischief again. My sisters, you… forget it, there aren’t any outsiders around anyway. I mean, my Mistress Bella might not have much of anything else, but she definitely has enough clothes to go around.”

“Hey, my… how is this possible…”

“Oh my Goodness, who took my…”

At Lolita’s reminder, Alisha and the others suddenly realized that they were all naked. At that moment, all the clothes on their bodies had evaporated. Lolita’s defensive barrier was not of much use either as her own dress had also been “taken care of” by the light. 

Those beauties who were more timid and shy instantly used their arms to cover their chests and sat on the ground, feeling embarrassed. Fortunately, the “big break” affected everyone. Since they were in the same boat, it made the situation less awkward. 

“I was too careless. I completely forgot that a Demon God would be able to merge with a Demon King that she cares for. This particular move is the Sacred Demon God’s own trump card, and the Sky Demon King would not be able to execute it at all.”

“Seriously, I never taught her this.”

The Creator of Light Vianne and the Creator of Darkness Mystica had embarrassment written all over their faces as they were all currently bare as well. With the integration of Bella, the beam of light that emanated from the Sky Demon had instantly caused the clothes on the backs of every single girl within the fortress city to “evaporate”.

Even Vianne, who was a Creator of this dimension, had accidentally gotten in the line of fire. The attack had not caused any physical harm to them. Since losing all their clothes did not count as an injury, their defenses were not activated.

Taking advantage of the loophole, Bella had gained yet another immoral victory after causing severe injuries to nine Demon Kings and accidentally wounding four Demon Gods and Evil Gods. This time, she managed to strip off the clothes of five Dimension Creators at once. Fortunately, Vianne and the others were all girls and did not mind it at all.

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Upon coming into contact with the light, the Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm let out a cry of pain, as though it was a vampire that had seen the sun. Its five hundred meters tall body had begun to melt as quickly as the eye could see.

Just like their boss, the underlings of the Thousand Face Demon were thawing rapidly like a snowman in summer. 

“How is this possible… my demonic beings. Your Excellency… Your Excellency? Damn it, I will not fail.”

The Darkness Wizard God Kenneth let out a roar of indignance in the control room within the Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm’s heart. The connection with the Terror Demon God Griffin was suddenly cut off at this moment. Right now, he was the only one left to control the Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm in battle.

With one leap, the Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm pounced towards the Sky Demon Doris. All of its six arms were outstretched, as though it wanted to grab on to the Sky Demon and perish together. 

The sets of black and white wings on the Sky Demon’s back morphed into twelve pairs of wing-like arms and managed to block Grimmhelm’s attacks. At the same time, the chest plate in front of the Sky Demon Doris’s heart suddenly cracked open, a couple of dark red distorted demonic hands “growing” out of it.

The pair of demonic hands snowballed and thrust right into the Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm’s chest, where its heart was. Once the hands got ahold of its opponent’s weakness, they clamped down on it as hard as they could, resulting in the Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm’s heart to explode. Kenneth did not manage to leave before the heart was attacked.

Within the Sky Demon Doris’s heart, Bella was currently hugging Dolores from behind in what seemed to be an intimate embrace. This gigantic Sky Demon Doris was built similarly to a huge mechanical armor.


Inside the heart, the pilot, which was the Demon King, was bare as well. While Bella held Doris, one of her hands were placed on the blood vessel-looking control panel. That hand had already morphed into the Demon God’s alien arm. 


“Bella, your arm…”


“Dolores, it’s fine. Rather than talking about these boring things, you seem to have grown much more voluptuous. Are you…”


“Annoying. This is not the time to think about something like this! By the way, how did you think of attacking that particular position?”


“By instinct. I guessed that the other party might be similar to us.”


After understanding how the Demon King’s giant surrogate demonic beings worked, Bella realized that they were similar to the large mechanical armors from the previous world. Making the despicable choice, she decided to attack the control room within the heart. Thus, the Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm had been tricked and was killed before it could use any of its ultimate moves.


Since Kenneth was not the Terror Demon King Griffin, the surrogate’s heart and control room lacked a layer of Demon King Defenses surrounding it. This meant that if Griffin was the one who was controlling the surrogate, it would not have been such grievously hurt by the “Black Tiger Steals Heart”.


The Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm’s six hands fell slowly at its side, and the immense creature collapsed to the ground, a wave of thick smoke rising up from the rubble. Many eerie, white departed spirits popped up from the Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm’s corpse, drifted up into the air, and disappeared.


The Sky Demon Doris had emerged victorious in this battle between demonic beings. Although it was mostly due to the intervention of Bella’s Demon God’s Claw in this attack, the Sky Demon had some holy characteristics as well. Even without the Sacred Demon God’s assistance, with the advantage of having opposing characteristics, it was only a matter of time before the Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm would have been defeated. 


Since everyone on Bella’s side was stark naked, none of them thought to “support” Bella. Lisha, who was a warrior, Kriss and the others, Maria, who was a priest, as well as Susan and the other holy maidens, had been trying to preserve their own dignity. 


If the departed spirits that came out of the Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm had been sealed, it would have caused the Terror Demon King Griffin to be severely injured. This time, Bella had missed out on the perfect opportunity to take this demon king out of the equation.

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