Volume 4 Chapter 211: The Southern Battlefield That Is Peaceful Once More

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Under the morning sun, Fortress City Gibson, which had just experienced a night of war, was peaceful once more. Looking at the heavily damaged city, Bear King Peterus was in tears. The capital he had run for decades was gone.


The most annoying thing was that Gibson had been destroyed by the Demon King’s surrogate body, ultimately caused by the energy from the demon battle. Who was he to argue with? Both sides were Demon Kings whom he couldn’t afford to offend. When Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm died, his body turned into black liquid and he cursed the entirety of Fortress City Gibson. Without purification from a strong Sacred Object, this place wouldn’t ever be able to accommodate the living.


In the ruined palace of the Bear King, there was someone even more depressed than Bear King Peterus–he was the Beastman Emperor Beamon Webster. Seated at the banquet table assembled in the palace hall, the representative of the Demon King Coalition, Sky Demon King Dolores, and the representative of the Dark Coalition, Bone Demon King Trollope, were engaged in “dark negotiations.”


Bella, dressed up as the Death Knight, accompanied Demon King Dolores all day long. She hid among the Death Knights at the back of the hall to secretly observe. She liked the feeling of being behind the scenes. At present, Bella thought it was better that Sky Demon King Dolores represented the Demon King’s Coalition on the surface after having considered everything.


Bone Demon King Trollope was a stern young man with pure white short hair. The twelve Demon Kings were pretty good looking but had some quirks. For example, the Bone Demon King before her had a hobby of collecting bones.


According to the old records of the Radiant Church, Bone Demon King Trollope was fond of collecting all kinds of bones. Right now, his white demonic eyes were staring at Dolores with a deadpan look. He seemed to be impassive and uninterested. Bella figured that this Demon King only had eyes for human bones.  

Bone Demon King Trollope was dressed casually. He was wearing a pure white mage outfit. Compared to him, Sky Demon King Dolores looked more formal. She was dressed in purple and gold armor with angel and demon designs on it.


Dolores wore a purple and gold Demon King crown and was sitting at a place meant for distinguished guests. Bella went up to her and pretended to be one of the Sky Demon King’s personal guards. She poured Dolores a glass of wine, and while pouring, Bella took advantage of everyone else’s inattention and secretly touched Dolores’ hand.


Dolores almost lost her composure. Her glass shook and nearly fell to the ground. She looked at Bella a little helplessly. What a bad friend! She could flirt at all times. Bone Demon King Trollope was unaware of this incident. He was tasting the wine and missed this dramatic scene.

Bella felt that Dolores was very much like a dignified queen, so she couldn’t help but want to flirt with her. Moreover, this was a public place. If Dolores valued her image, she wouldn’t strongly resist her little moves.


Terror Demon King Griffin wasn’t here. After the defeat of his surrogate demon body, Thousand Face Demon Grimmhelm, he was severely wounded. Now, Griffin was still recuperating. For the time being, this Demon King wouldn’t appear out in the world.


“Honorable Sky Demon King, although we may come from different places, we are all Demon Kings. I think it isn’t rational to hurt each other.”


“Bone Demon King, I too feel that it isn’t fun to hurt each other. Since we’re not outsiders, then you can just say what your terms for the peace talks are… Our terms have been written in this contract.”


“Sure, let me take a look… So, that’s the case. I understand. Then let’s start the next step of the negotiations!”


Sky Demon King Dolores handed over a contract written in demon language to Bone Demon King Trollope. After reading it over, he agreed. After that, the Demon Kings from both sides began the next step of their negotiation.


Beastman Emperor Beamon Webster’s heart was sullen. They fought back and forth, but in the end, it was actually a “misunderstanding” between the Demon Kings. Because of this so-called “misunderstanding”, the Beastmen had lost millions of people. Looking at the two Demon Kings who sat at the banquet table toasting each other like friends, Beastman Emperor Beamon Webster could only curse their shamelessness in his heart.


After Sky Demon King Dolores and Bone Demon King Trollope made an agreement, the Sacred River Selma was taken as the border, dividing Priestly Continent into two. The northern part of the River Selma, which connected the Southern Empire of the humans and Gabriel Empire, belonged to the sphere of influence of Sky Demon King Dolores. The remaining sixty percent of the Beastman Continent in the southern part of the River Selma fell within the sphere of influence of Bone Demon King Trollope.

The casualties caused by the conflict between the two sides would be ignored and written off. Beastman Emperor Beamon Webster was very angry about this. All the people who died were Beastmen. Both their sides hadn’t lost any people at all. Both sides were almost all made up of demons, how could anyone die?

However, facing the two Demon King “bosses”, Beastman Emperor Beamon Webster dared to be upset but not speak out. He could only endure the anger and present a smiling face, making Bella feel a little guilty.


According to the agreement between the two sides, the Demon King Coalition will withdraw from Fortress City Gibson, which had been reduced to ruins, and return to Port City Brent which they currently occupied. In exchange, the Beastman Emperor Beamon Webster would give an order, in the name of the Beastman Emperor, to move the Catmen, Foxmen and Rabbitmen, who had a lot of kemonomimi, to live on the northern bank of the River Selma.


Beastman Emperor Beamon Webster wasn’t sure why the Demon King Coalition wanted these small clans that had no fighting capacity. However, since these clans didn’t have any fighting capacity, it was also good to send them to the Demon King Coalition.


Among the eight Beastman Clans, apart from the Wolfman Clan, which was partly left to live on the northern bank of the River Selma because of the division, the Tigermen, Leopardmen and Lionmen all chose to live within the jurisdiction of the Beastman Emperor who relocated to the southern bank of the River Selma.


Bella had no objection to the departure of these clans. In Bella’s opinion, since none of these clans had any kemonomimi, it would be annoying if they stayed within her sphere of influence.

In the internal Wolfman war, the original Wolf King Springhall finally defeated the new Wolf King Harrington, but the two sides were father and son after all. Under the mediation of the Beastman Emperor Beamon Webster, the two sides shook hands and made peace. Wolf King Springhall promised to make Harrington his only heir.


But even so, the split of the Wolfmen was irreversible. At Bella’s request, Beastman Emperor Beamon Webster was forced to recognize the region from the northern bank of the River Selma until the southern region of the Human Empire, Gabriel Empire, as a highly “autonomous region”.


Beastman Emperor Beamon Webster officially conferred White Wolf Princess Tania, the former Wolfman princess, the title of the highest official of this new “autonomous region”. Although the title of Beastman King wasn’t given to female Beastmen, Beastman Emperor Beamon Webster gave her the official title of Beastman King in consideration of the Beastmen’s dignity.

As compensation, the new “autonomous region” only needed to nominally recognize the Beastman Emperor Beamon Webster as the supreme ruler of the Beastman Continent. As before, they would be members of the Priestley Continent. They would be exempted from paying tribute to the Beastman Emperor Beamon Webster.


Since then, the Beastman Continent was completely divided. It was still the unified Priestly Continent, but the eight Beastman Clans had been completely split. After the defeat of Beastman Emperor Beamon Webster, his prestige had plummeted. Coupled with the loss of control over a large area of territory, his influence over the Beastmen was greatly reduced.


Now, the Beastmen had split into three forces–the Minotaurs who supported Beastman Emperor Beamon Webster, the Centaurs, and the Winged Men who formed their own camp. The Bear Clan was dissatisfied with Beastman Emperor Beamon Webster and chose to form an alliance with the Tigermen, Lionmen, Leopardmen, and a part of the Wolf Clan.

The remaining third faction was the Foxmen, Rabbitmen, Catmen and some Wolfmen who had established power on the northern bank of the River Selma under the covert support of Bella’s Darkness Sacred Region. The highest military commander was White Wolf Princess Tania, and the staff officers were Silver Fox Princess Vanessa, Snow Rabbit Princess Trini and White Cat Princess Savannah. Princess Tania served as diplomat while they were administrative officers.


On the southern bank of the River Selma, the new alliance led by Bear King Peterus and the conservative forces supporting the Beastman Emperor Beamon Webster fought for territory and redivided the clans’ sphere of influence. They didn’t have the time to disturb the northern bank of the River Selma for the time being.

The Dark Human forces which had operated in the Beastman Continent had also withdrawn. Since the Demon Kings were already concentrating their efforts on Priestly Continent, they, as followers of the Demon King, had no obligation to persist.


“Bella, you’re so naughty. You almost made me make a fool of myself earlier.”


“Dolores, it’s fine. It’s all because you’re dressed so beautifully. I can’t help but…”


After leaving the crumbling Bear King Palace behind, Bella and Dolores walked hand in hand. The peace was only temporary. The two Demon Kings who signed the contract knew it, but they had to act as if they were amiable, putting on a show for Beastman Emperor Beamon Webster.


The contract wasn’t binding on the Demon Kings, and it was only Sky Demon King Dolores and Bone Demon King Trollope who signed the contract. The new and old Demon Kings each have twelve members. This contract only had a little influence on the two Demon Kings who signed it but had no binding power on the other Demon Kings at all.


Darkness Wizard God Kenneth didn’t die, but escaped to the Dark Continent with serious injuries. The direction of the Dark Humans attack on the Human Race had to be changed. The southern part of the Human Continent had been designated as the new Demon Kings’ sphere of influence. They didn’t have the courage to attack the Demon Kings’ territory.  

When Bella and her party returned to Sarni City, the fake capital of Sarnia Duchy, the Gabriel Empire’s emissaries had been waiting for several days. Bella had already seen the messengers sent by Duke Brandon and had asked them to convey Bella’s intentions to Duke Brandon.


“Honorable Duchess Bellina, I was entrusted by His Majesty as an envoy to your duchy…”

“Do away with the small talk. I’m very busy. Also, how is His Majesty Alfred the Third free enough to think of me, this lousy little duke? I’m afraid I’m not worthy for the honorable Frauer to personally pay me a visit.”


The emissary to the Sarnia Duchy was one of Gabriel Empire’s powerful ministers, Prince Frauer. This middle-aged uncle didn’t give people a very good feeling. All that was missing from his cold expression were the words “treacherous court official” on his forehead.


As a matter of fact, Prince Frauer was really not a good man. He was the younger brother of Emperor Alfred the Third and secretly had designs on the emperor’s throne. As one of the three powerful men in Gabriel Empire, he had been looking for an opportunity to kill the heir to the throne, Prince Daniel.

On this mission to the Sarnia Duchy, Prince Frauer had secretly brought along a batch of gold and silver treasures to present to Duchess Bellina. Unfortunately, Bella didn’t need any more gold and silver jewelry. She motioned for her men to reject the gifts.


Perhaps Prince Frauer was trying to woo Duchess Bellina so that Prince Daniel, who was imprisoned in Sarnia Duchy, would “accidentally” die. Bella had no interest in the political struggle of the Human Empire. She didn’t want to participate.

“Honorable Bellina, how can you say that?! I know all the dukes of the entire empire but I haven’t had time to visit here. As far as I know, your political opponent, Duke Brandon, has turned to Prince Angus. I think there is a possibility of cooperation between us.”


Prince Frauer had spent many years in officialdom. He had always been a good judge of people. He saw a deep hidden talent in this little Duchess Bellina. Duchess Bellina was hiding a lot of things. She had close ties with the Radiant Church and had strange weapons in her hand, that is, about a hundred thousand soldiers with firearms.


What was more frightening was the fact that this blonde female knight’s wealth was still an unsolved mystery. The treasures sent by Frauer included all kinds of precious stones and pearls that girls liked best.


When Bella expressed her refusal in person, Prince Frauer noticed the disdain in her eyes. This wasn’t faked but an instinctive reaction because she had seen a lot.

A grand duchess with a lot of wealth, a powerful military force and complicated political relations, yet she wasn’t busy joining hands with those aristocratic young masters at this age. Prince Frauer wouldn’t believe it if she said she had no ambitions. He wanted to fight Prince Angus, who supported Prince Daniel, and Bella was one of the people he wanted to woo.


Prince Angus, the father-in-law of Emperor Alfred the Third, supported his grandson in succeeding the throne, which was a normal choice in his opinion. Unfortunately, this time he had chosen the wrong person, Duke Brandon, and intended to support Duke Brandon against Duchess Bellina who might be on Prince Frauer’s side.


Duke Brandon had lost even his daughter Emily to Bella. It would be strange if he were able to compete with her. Not only that, the daughters of the Dukes in the larger duchies along the southern border were basically in love with Bella. From the beginning, Bella had already established an absolute advantage.


“Alright then, I think we still have matters to talk about. Let’s forego the handshake. I don’t like to be in contact with men.”

“That’s easy. When my brother has an accident… In case of any unforeseen circumstances, I hope Duchess Bellina will think of the future of the empire. If it’s handed over to my nephew, Daniel, he will only make a mess of the empire. The emperor’s position should be taken by his elders, don’t you think?”


Prince Frauer’s remarks already implied “regicide.” Bella nodded slightly to show her understanding but didn’t comment. Besides supporting Prince Daniel to succeed the throne, Prince Angus had been advocating a political marriage between Princess Kriss and the Leonard family, which made Bella very unhappy.


She remembered when Kriss was staying in her duchy, Prince Angus had sent people over several times to take Princess Kriss on a blind date. Bella had long been fed up with this and almost slaughtered all the people he sent on the spot.


After reaching a “secret alliance” with Prince Frauer, Bella arranged for a trusted Demon Lord, Thousand Face Master Clement, to go around and woo “treacherous” powerful ministers like Prince Frauer from other Human Empires.

This was a move in advance of future operations to take away the girls. It was highly unlikely that Bella could peacefully take away her roommates like Princess Kriss, who was highly sought after. Now, she could only arrange a “hidden person” in advance.


After the departure of Prince Frauer, Sarnia Duchy was once again restored to calm. According to the agreement with the empire, Prince Daniel was released. The previous friction between the two sides was merely an “accident”.


In order to compensate her, Emperor Alfred the Third awarded the Duchess Bellina a “medal of honor” and the “sword of defending the country.” In Gabriel Empire, only those who have made great achievements could obtain this honor.


Sarnia Duchy, which was governed by Bella, had resisted the attack of millions of Beastmen in Sarni City. It wasn’t shady that she had won this honor. Moreover, Bella’s “recovery” of the runaway second Princess Khalifa was also a meritorious deed.


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There was no way intelligence of Bella’s invasion of the Beastman Continent could be sent to the Human Empires. Emperor Alfred the Third couldn’t reward her for this achievement.


Aside from the Black Robed Witches, the other beautiful girls Bella had captured during the war was temporarily sent back. The ladies of the duchies like Emily had also been returned to their respective duchies.


President Caroline and her classmates, Vice President Anya, President Dinah and their classmates had all returned to their countries. Deep Sea Princess Una and sisters Tina and Tiffany temporarily went back to New Moon Island. The two Goddesses Maureen and Serna stayed in the Darkness Sacred Region to rest.


After handling these matters, Bella set out on her journey back to Olsylvia Academy with Lisha and the others. Bella didn’t worry about the “betrayal” of the girls who had already been subdued. She had left something that allowed her “room to maneuver” on their bodies.  








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