chapter 262: the laws merged

Rather than ascending to the Admin Room, I waited in the skies of Fyor, above the site where the gate was going to be installed. There was a reason why I had chosen the fifteenth floor for the location of the gate, rather than the earlier floors. Several, really.

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First, the environment would make it a challenge that could help grow even the strongest of Earth, with easy access to even greater challenges on the higher floors. Second, and perhaps most importantly… the sky.

As I looked up, I found the pale blue light reminiscent of a normal daytime sky far overhead. On the first layer, this sky was only one or two miles at most. Here, it was closer to twenty. That meant that there would not be a substantial amount of room to maneuver the Sky Citadel within the first few floors, but plenty of space to do so here.

While I was thinking about that, there was an odd sound in my ears, like a growing musical note. Looking back down, golden lights danced across the ground, swirling in various patterns. These lights mixed together to create stone, anchored directly to the ground. Rising higher and higher, creating the circular platform of the Fairy Gate.

Next, following the same procedure, five more auroras of light appeared surrounding the gate. The purpose of these five quickly became apparent when they took the familiar form of a cannon, aimed directly at the gate itself.

World Fyor has joined World System Earth.

Conflicting system laws detected. Analyzing…

EarthForceOne. Upon joining two worlds with conflicting system laws, you shall be given the option to make a choice. At no cost, you may choose to keep the laws of each world isolated. However, at the cost of one hundred points, you may activate a Law Merger.

…Terra… do I really need to ask?

There was an amused laugh in response to my question. You should have expected something like this, Dale. The energies of Fyor and Earth are fundamentally different. The system recognizes that, and gives Keepers this option.

If you choose to leave the two worlds separate, then their systems will be applied individually. It will be possible to train in the Warrior class of Earth, and then come to train in the Warrior class of Fyor, as an example. However, Fyor’s magic will be unusable on Earth, and vice versa.

On the other hand, if you choose to perform the Law Merger, then… The easiest way to describe it would be a mutation of systems. The system will analyze all conflicting aspects, and adjust them in a way to resolve the problem.

I thought that you said that the two settings would simply merge once Fyor joined Earth? I couldn’t help but ask back to her.

I did, didn’t I? But then again… would you really choose not to perform the merger? Her teasing tone told me all I needed to know. Whether it is for your own personal power, or the power of your people, there are only advantages to performing the merge. Without it, the only advantage is the ability to stack class attribute bonuses. Losing the ability to use the powers of one world on the other, though, would be a huge disadvantage that I can’t see you taking.

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She had a point, one that I had to agree with. I was already planning to do the merger as soon as the option presented itself. I just wanted to first know what exactly I was signing up for. And, as soon as I registered my choice, a new message appeared.

Recalibrating system laws. This process may take a few moments. Your patience is appreciated.

Recalibration complete. Any energy which has been either fully researched or manually purchased will have a log of all relevant changes within the Administration Room.

Multiple system profiles detected. Merging profiles for both systems.

Congratulations! You have earned a personal achievement!

For performing your first Law Merger, you have earned the Final Compromise achievement. +20 points, law comprehension affinity +1%


Law comprehension is another one of those hidden statistics that really doesn’t mean that much. She assured me gently. It makes it easier for you to determine the workings behind the fundamental laws that govern a world. This applies to supernatural energies like ki or mana, as well as purely natural forces like gravity. It’s a pretty rare reward, and its effects are even more rarely noticed.

Well, that was a good thing, at least. Either way, I decided to immediately ascend to the Admin Room, quickly descending back to the Sky Citadel after changing to my normal appearance. Well… normal for a halfling. And, as expected, I found Tsubaki kneeling at the base of the stairs leading up to my throne. “You know, one of these days I am going to choose to descend elsewhere in the citadel, just to see how you react.”

She lifted her head, a small smile on her face when she heard that. “Welcome, my Keeper.”

I nodded to her as a stood, glancing towards the doorway leading deeper into the citadel itself. “What level is Soreya’s body? You prepare her meals, so you should be familiar with her requirements.”

A brief look of confusion flitted across her face. “She is what my people would refer to as the second ring. Her average physical score is twenty-five. Is there an issue with that?”

“No, it’s good.” I nodded again, a small smile on my face. “We’re about to introduce a new world, and will be taking the Sky Citadel there. However, you can only survive in the area where we’ll be going if you have at least a second ring physique. I wanted to make sure that we did not have to ask her to leave the Citadel until we were done.”

Tsubaki’s eyes widened briefly, before she hurriedly nodded her head. “I understand, my Keeper. I shall leave you to your business until it is finished.” After saying that, her body seemed to break down into dust, dissolving into nothing. So that’s how it looks when she breaks down an avatar…

Shaking my head, I moved to the throne at the top of the stairs. Tubrock, no problems with the operation of the citadel after the changes?

None, lad. She flies, fair as ever. Energy consumption’s even gone down a few percent, I think.

Probably a result of the way that mana changed. Lifting my hand, I looked at it curiously before flipping it over and muttering in the runic language. “Fire.” Resting atop my hand, a small flame came into existence, hovering there passively until I dismissed it.

Doing this let me measure the rate my mana was consumed. Although it was slightly more than when I had initially cast the spell in Fyor, the increase was not severe. Still a bit cheaper than casting the spell through the geometric system.

Ryone, you’ll be in charge of figuring out any complications caused by the merger. Think you can handle that?

I could practically feel her grin when she responded. An entirely new set of magical laws for me to research from the ground up? And Udona says you never get me anything nice.

I rolled my eyes, chuckling softly at that. Alright, everyone, time to make our announcement. As I said that, golden light flashed through the room, everyone taking their places.

My people. The words echoed throughout every mind in every world, causing many to look to the sky instinctively. In the back of their mind, they saw what they recognized as a halfling seated upon a gilded throne, a row of gods and goddesses beneath him. This sight had not been seen in countless years, yet everyone of Earth, Desbar, and Deckan knew that something major was happening.

As for those of Fyor… Most of you have never seen me before. I am Dale, the Keeper. I am the one who created the worlds upon which you live.

Today, I come to announce the joining of new lands, as well as changes that will affect all things in the days to come. The goddesses Bihena and Aurivy have been raising a new world, one different from what you know. This world is named Fyor, the world of dungeons.

For those of Fyor, I welcome you to meet the worlds of Earth, Deckan, and Desbar. If you wish to meet them, I have placed the gateway to these worlds on the fifteenth layer. As for those of the other worlds, you should be aware, there is a requirement before you enter Fyor. This world is not like the others. Only those with sufficiently strong bodies will be able to withstand the atmosphere within the world. I urge you all to ensure that you are properly prepared.

Now, the changes that have come. Some of you may have already noticed them. The world of Fyor uses a different system of magic than those of the other worlds. As of this connection, some of those laws of magic have bled over from one world to the other. It may take some time to adjust to this change, however I assure you that it is a positive one.

As the Keeper had said, there were indeed changes. Some noticed right away, and others less so. The Magic Towers spread across the continents reported a rise in power output, even without any additional mages fueling it. Various magical devices found themselves charging slightly, even without connecting to a mana port.

The most obvious change happened with the wards. Almost every city had protective wards, which flared up all at once. Barriers shielding every city as if they had come under attack. It didn’t take long for scholars to devise a theory, one which denied one of the fundamental laws of magic. Mana was now in the air. It traveled hand in hand with natural energy, neither rejecting the other.

As soon as this theory went out, someone came up with a way to confirm it. The easiest, most simple way, and one that changed the way adventurers trained. A druid went into a dungeon, and found that they could still wield their full power.

I let out a long breath, closing the link that I had established with the four worlds. I wonder if the merkin are actually going to remember it this time? I asked myself with amusement, before shaking my head. If they did, I was sure I’d hear about it soon.

As soon as the connection closed, the various deities all returned back to the Admin Room. As did I, after shifting the citadel from the sky of Earth to Fyor. Now that I knew what to look for, I could definitely feel the sudden increase of pressure, even if only just.

Just as I was preparing to ascend again myself, Tsubaki opened the door, entering the throne room. “I assume that we have arrived, and that business has been concluded?” She asked, tilting her head slightly.

“It has. I’ve placed us on the fifteenth layer of Fyor, just above where its gate is located. This entire ‘world’ is populated by monsters ranging between levels three hundred and three hundred and fifty.” As I said that, a thought occurred to me. “I’d like you to perform a special mission for me.”

Tsubaki’s eyes practically lit up when I said that. “Of course, my Keeper. Anything you wish.”

“The layout of Fyor is fundamentally different than the other worlds. It is built upon countless layers, each above the one before it. The only way to travel between these layers are through… you could call them gates. They resemble black walls jutting out of the landscape. The residents of this world can travel between these layers easily through the use of these gates. I wish for you to go and see if you can do the same, or if I need to adjust things to properly allow it.”

The beastkin maid gave it a moment of thought, before nodding her head. “Very well, sir. Might I know the location of this gate, or would you prefer I find it myself?”

“No, I’ll have Terra guide you there.” This is your punishment for not telling me about the merger. I sent mentally towards the felyn goddess after speaking to Tsubaki.

Yeah, yeah, I can deal with guide duty. She spoke in an amused tone, before Tsubaki’s eyes widened once again.

“I understand, my Keeper. I shall set out immediately, and relay my findings back to you through the Goddess.” After saying that, she creased her brows in focus, lightly slashing her hand through the air to create a colorful portal that rested above the ground. With one step, she had entered the portal and closed it behind her. And with that taken care of, I immediately ascended back to the Admin Room.

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