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A Plot

In the middle of the night. The full moon shines so bright as it gave light to the beings in the world. In a huge chamber hiding inside a cave, in the middle of Jangar5JangarThe place in the center most of Ashenborn. It is inhabited by dangerous monsters. Also called the Land of Monsters., the Land of Monsters.

Nate is looking at the big egg in the center of the chamber. His eyes grow fond of excitement and his warm little smile shows a tender love that a father has.

After looking at the egg for several minutes, he turned and walked to his wife that was lying on a one inch thick rectangular clothe on the ground. Shera was showing her vulnerable side, one wouldn’t even know that she’s a dragon feared by many. Nate knelt down on his knee and just stared at his wife and think of their memories back when they were just courting.

Shera used to be a loner, as someone inheriting the power of the dark dragon, it became a curse to her personally. No one wanted to be with her. But it is not her choice, she didn’t know that she will inherit his father’s throne as the dark dragon and rule over the underworld.

Yet, there is one who accepted her, Nate. When no one would even dare to talk to her, he started a conversation. When no one would even befriend her, he played with her. When nobody would ever want to touch her, he asks for his hand… for the rest of her life

Shera and Nate have been together since they were at the Draconic Realm. The realm in which dragons live. Dragons were chosen by the gods to overlook the world of Taona, the world in which Levi was reincarnated. The job of a guardian can be inherited and passed to other generations.

All of the chosen guardians were sent to Taona to do their job. Luckily, both Shera and Nate were chosen and so they came here together and from there, their love started to bloom.

But there is an unwritten yet forbidden law for the dragons. They were prohibited to marry a dragon of another kind. Shera belongs to the Darkness Clan and Nate to the Thunder Clan, their love has crossed the line and now they were outcast.

Nate gently caressed his wife’s hair and after that, he stood up and walked outside the cave.

“I know you don’t like to be back there, Shera. I don’t like it either,” said Nate to himself.

“Six months!” said Jadis with a distressed face. They were back again at the postponed meeting yesterday, but this time, Sirius is absent.

“What do you mean by six months, Dwarven Master?” Jeff asked.

“The orcs! They will attack in six months!” Jadis answered.

“What?! Six months?! That’s too sudden! We weren’t even prepared, you think they will be?” Alexa the Bowmaster asked.

“Not if they were preparing for a long time,” said Jacob.

What he said seemed to hit their very minds.

“But, they have just made an alliance with the ogres this last month. So we only have five months?!” Garde asked with a worried face.

Everyone looked at the Dwarven Master, waiting for his words.

Jadis slowly shook his head and said, “Well, we don’t have a choice, don’t we? Maybe they were plotting since we defeated them back then”

“We have a choice!” Garde said. After this, everyone turned to look to him with a doubtful gaze and frowning brows. Garde may be good at making weapons but he’s not adept at using one. He didn’t have the courage to fight others. His skill for weapons is only exclusive for hunting.

“We can run? vacate this place and live somewhere?” Garde said.

“Right, leave this place and let them have the Mother Tree? Is that your best shot?” said Alexa as she gazed at Garde. She is not your typical woman, she’s more interested in fighting and scaring others than to do the girly kinds of stuff.

“Yes, we can’t leave the Mother Tree, this is our home!” said Caleb.

Everyone turned silent in contemplation.

A few moments later,

“I have a plan!” said Levi. He told his full plan to them and the meeting lasted for almost half a day but nobody seemed to be bothered by time.

After the long meeting, everyone stood up and Jadis dismissed them. As Levi was walking out of the meeting room, a hand tapped and hold his right shoulder causing him to stop. He turned around and saw the old mage, Caleb.

“May we talk?” Caleb asked. He has been waiting for this time to talk with him but the sudden turn of events prevented him from doing so.

Only allowed on

At Caleb’s backyard, beside his house.

“How are you? You’ve been out for a long time!” said Caleb.

“I’m fine. Thank you, Magus6Magus A person who has great mastery of using magic. Also, normal people use this as an honorary, for acknowledging the mage's higher status in the society. Caleb, for teaching me magic,” said Levi then he bowed his head.

Caleb was surprised by the sudden bowing of the head done by Levi. Even so, he put this behind his mind and asked him, “Uhmmm… yeah, about Uhm… the magic? May I ask what you did back there when you were fighting with… you know, Sirius, the swordmaster.”

“Oh, that? I don’t even know. I think it was just adrenaline running through my flood, well I thought back there that my life is on the line.” replied Levi.

“I… I d-don’t so?!” Suddenly, Caleb raised his scepter that glowed with bright yellow light and posed for a strike towards Levi. Levi’s reflexes were immediately alerted and he raised his left hand to defend himself.

“Yeah, right. You have a left-arm now?!” said Caleb. The scepter and the mechanical arm clashed. The impact slightly moved Levi backward.

“What is the meaning of this?” asked Levi with an angry yet surprised tone.

“This means that I need to heat things up for you to say your secret. Who are you?!” said Caleb.

“You know who I am! I am Levi! You even taught me magic!”

“Do you think I would simply believe that?”

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Then a thought hit Levi’s mind.

“Wait, does that mean that he already knew? That I was reincarnated?!”

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