Into The New World (I)

Year 2019


Time00:00 AM

“What happens when you die?” 

Aiden spoke as he stood on the ledge of a hundred meter tall bridge, below him lied the vast Arabian sea. His eyes stared at the roaring waves that crashed into the thick cemented pillar of the bridge filling the quite night with it’s melodious sound.

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“Will I end up in heaven?”

 His long black hairs fluttered with the midnight sea breeze as he slowly retracted his right hand from his lips bringing down the cigarette role with it. Puffing out the accumulated smoke from his mouth.

“Either way it doesn’t matter to me. Not anymore”

What he was doing was illegal. Smoking at minor age was restricted by law but he had no other way to live rather by smoking he was trying to kill himself faster. But today he was at the breaking point. No longer could he bring himself to live in this cruel world and that’s why today on the occasion of new moon he had decided to embrace death.

He threw the charred cigarette on the road behind him, he slowly gazed everywhere trying to look at this world one last time before the leap 
“I am sorry!”

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and then he jumped.

His eyes were shut as he fell, Aiden thought about his family, his mom and dad and his younger brother. He felt guilty about leaving them behind and committing suicide but this was the only way.

“I am sorry mom. I am sorry dad and I am sorry for leaving you behind Nigel” 

The sound of the crashing waves became louder with every passing seconds until it was right below him. This was it, this was the last time he would be alive, the last time he would ever be able to live as human.

He braced himself for the impact that never occurred. Instead he found himself covered in darkness as his body continued to fall. He doesn’t remember how long he fell, a day, week or a month or maybe an eternity but he kept on falling into this big chasm of darkness until the blinding pain came knocking him unconscious.

 The last thing that Aiden saw before he closed his eyes was a pair of red wing flying towards him.








Year 899


Rasparte City

Aiden remembers he died, he remembered the pain that surged through his entire body when he was falling in the darkness, then Why? Why was he alive and lying in bed covered with a blanket?!

He threw off the blanket off his body and tried to move his hands and legs but he couldn’t, he could feel them but they won’t accept his commands. He tried it again and yet the same thing happened again no response, even when he tried to push himself into a sitting position he couldn’t it was as if all his muscles have forgotten all the basic motor skills.

 A feeling of dread slowly entrapped Aiden, he tried to shout out for help but only a muffled cry came out of his mouth and then he saw it. While thrashing frantically around the bed his right arm responded and went towards his face and then he saw it. The arms he used wasn’t his, it looked like it belonged to a baby!

Realization dawned over him, he had died but he was born again and somehow with all his memories intact.

— New chapter is coming soon —
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