Choice Can Kill 4

Roderick had come from bushes after taking a leak he had been holding for eternity. He pulled his zipper and walked past Anna’s tent. He hoped she had not heard him urinating. He walked quietly in order to not cause any disturbance among sleeping researchers.
He flinched after hearing someone’s phone ring. He took his phone out of his pocket and calmed down when he found his phone was not ringing. The sound was coming from Spencer’s tent. Roderick sighed in relief then kept walking. He could hear Spencer talk about him retrieving the locket. He had not reached further when he heard Spencer say, “Why should I kill Roderick?”

Roderick froze in horror. He wanted to hear more but Spencer barely uttered anything from there on. He did not dare to get inside his tent after eavesdropping the ruse. Silence from Spencer made him sure Spencer had no other choice.
Roderick knew what was forcing Spencer to kill him. The locket.

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Spencer came out with the knife in his pocket. The lump was not visible in night time. While he kept walking to Roderick’s tent, he kept thinking of where he should stab Roderick to kill him without making any sound. He decided he would stab him into his temple. The sharp side of knife would touch his brain and the job would be over.
His only issue was how he was going to convince him to roam in forest with him. And he also had to do it without waking anybody. Spencer crept to Roderick’s tent only to find it open.
“Roderick.” Spencer whispered in the empty tent.

Blankets and pillows did not answer him. He thought Roderick had gone for a pee till he ran out of patience. Half an hour was still too long for a poop break. Spencer could no longer hold his curiosity and fear, most of all, so he headed back to his own tent. Something was same between his tent and Roderick’s.
Both were open.
Spencer panicked and jumped inside. His hands automatically reached to the tiny box where he had kept the locket. Spencer took a deep breath and flipped it open.

Necklace was not there.
“Roderick.” Spencer grinded his teeth.
From there, he forgot how he needed to do things. A clean murder was the farthest thing from his mind. In the same rage, he picked up his rifle. Spencer hoisted it and dashed out of the camping area as he knew where Roderick was going to.

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