Third Story 9 Extra 1

9. Third Story Extra 1

Chen Moshan’s life can be described as magnificent. He was the child of a gang boss in Shanghai, and then he took part in the revolution by hiding his identity. Although he did not become one of the founding fathers, he was also considered a high-ranking and influential person. However, his identity was discovered later, and he was almost beaten into the dust, but fortunately he was rehabilitated afterwards, and he rose all the way because of the right team.

When Chen Moshan was young, he was busy with the revolution and never got married. It was not until the founding of the People’s Republic that he married a wife and had children. Now, his eldest son and second daughter have both married and moved out of his residence, and only the youngest daughter, Chen Liuxin, is not married yet. live with him.

Chen Moshan is very fond of his young daughter. His wife often urges her 28-year-old daughter to find a partner, but he stops her every time and tells her that he will support all her decisions.

His wife thinks that he spoils the child too much and will spoil the child, but Chen Moshan is very happy to do so. He has worked hard for most of his life, isn’t it just for the sake of his children? What’s the deal with pampering a child? Speaking of which, he actually sometimes feels regretful, because his eldest son and eldest daughter are so worry-free!

“It’s time to eat!” Chen Moshan’s wife stood at the table and shouted upstairs while asking the nanny to set the meal.

“Coming!” Chen Liu agreed and rushed down the stairs quickly.

“How old are you to be so reckless!” Chen Moshan’s wife glared at her daughter, and then rambled: “It’s been cold these few days, remember to bring a coat when you go out, and I saw that it might rain in the weather forecast, so bring your umbrella.”

“Mom, I see!” Chen Liu agreed, then sat at the dining table, and then asked curiously, “Mom, where’s Dad? “Didn’t her dad get up every morning to read the newspaper? Why hasn’t it appeared today?

Who knows what he’s going to do, he woke up early in the morning like a madman today to try on clothes, tried all his clothes, and didn’t even think about what to try on the black Zhongshan suits.” Chen Moshan’s wife was helpless laugh it out.

“Cough!” Chen Moshan’s voice sounded, and Chen Liuxin’s mother and daughter looked up, almost startled by Chen Moshan’s appearance.

Chen Moshan wore a purple suit with a red tie. Although he looked very energetic, he was so bright… Didn’t he wear black all the year round before?

“Liu Xin, what do you think of your dad’s outfit?” Chen Moshan asked.

“Dad, why do you remember wearing this? And where did you get this dress?” Chen Liuxin asked cautiously, her father’s situation today is not quite right!

“I found this dress from your brother. He wore it when he was the best man a few years ago.” Chen Moshan said, after trying all his clothes and being dissatisfied, he suddenly remembered that his eldest son had thrown it here. of this suit.

This is obviously a dress that he couldn’t see before, but now he really wants to wear it. It’s a pity that this is the son’s, and the dress is a bit shameless, but fortunately others don’t know.

“Dad, why did you dress yourself up like this all of a sudden?” Chen Liuxin asked again.

“Hee hee,” Chen Moshan smiled, “I’m not going to see my first love?”

“Don’t listen to his nonsense, where did he get his first love?” Chen Moshan’s wife sneered, although her husband was older than her. She was seventeen years older, but she had no emotional experience before she was with him. For so many years, she had never heard this person mention any first love.

“Who said I didn’t have my first love? Although it was my crush at the beginning…cough…” Chen Moshan’s old face was slightly red.

“Could it be that you had a crush on a celebrity when you were young?” Chen Moshan’s wife frowned, her husband is said to have a good time in Shanghai when he was young…

“It’s not a celebrity, but it’s almost the same, she’s coming back to China today. , I’ll go take a look.” Chen Moshan glanced at his wife with a smug look.

What virtue.” Chen Moshan’s wife glared at her husband, but she was not jealous. Chen Moshan and her have been getting along very well for so many years after they were married, and now the old man is in his seventies. The first love that he didn’t mention should also be an old woman, what else could she be so sour about?

“Dad, you are amazing! It’s a pity that I have a job today, otherwise I will follow you to see your first love.” Chen Liuxin also smiled, she is a simultaneous interpreter, and today the leaders are going to pick up a few big people, she naturally to follow.

Of course, she felt that she might not be able to use it, because those big people were all Chinese.

“You can go and see it. I will go with you today to see my first love.” Chen Moshan said.

“What?” Chen Liuxin exclaimed: “Your first love shouldn’t be Guo Lianyun, right? Dad, your face is too big, so if you have a crush on your crush, you have to say it’s your first love…”

“That’s right, your crush on Miss Guo. There are so many people, if everyone says she is the first love like you, how many first loves should she have?” Chen Moshan’s wife also frowned, Guo Lianyun never got married in her life, but there are many people who like her. Young literati wrote poems to praise her, what is Chen Moshan?

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Speaking of which, her idol is Guo Lianyun! She grew up watching Guo Lianyun’s books!

Uh, the person she married is really too old…even older than her idol.

“I’m different, do you know that she had a good relationship with me back then, and she asked me to help!” Chen Moshan almost blew his beard and stared.

“Okay, Dad, you and Miss Guo have a very good relationship. Can you let me take a few more photos with her later?” Chen Liuxin said hurriedly. Because she has never been married, everyone is used to calling Guo Lianyun Miss Guo.

“Of course there is no problem!” Chen Moshan agreed, dressed in bright clothes and got into his daughter’s car, and then prepared to meet Guo Lianyun arrogantly.

In a blink of an eye, Guo Lianyun has been abroad for fifty years, and the country has undergone tremendous changes…

Ten years ago, Menghua entered China, and when he opened chain stores everywhere, Guo Lianyun didn’t come back. He thought he would never see this person in his life, but he didn’t expect to see him again now… In

a trance, Chen Moshan remembered it again. Fifty years ago.

When Guo Lianjun first found him, he thought that this great writer was someone who wanted to make things unpleasant, and also thought that this girl looked very gentle, how could she not deal with him as a scumbag? As a result, before he could finish his rant, the girl asked him, “I’m asking you to do me a favor and deal with a person. You can’t tell others about this, can you do it?”

He is notoriously tight-lipped. Naturally said that he could do it, and as a result, he heard an appalling thing.

Guo Lianyun, a well-known female writer, has encountered such a terrible thing… That Jiang Gaojie is really not a man!

He was very sympathetic to this woman, patted his chest and said that he would definitely get things done. In the end, in order not to let others know what happened to Guo Lianyun, he personally went into battle to deal with Jiang Gaojie. Personal scum.

He was very sympathetic to Guo Lianyun at the time, and felt that this girl was really too miserable. After encountering such a thing, I am afraid it would be difficult to marry a good man… But it didn’t take long for him to realize that his thoughts were too much…narrow.

Guo Lianjun is not one of those women who regard marriage as a goal at all. Her vision is even longer than some men, and she even does things that men can’t do.

He had to admit that he would eventually join the army and participate in the revolution because he felt that he couldn’t compare to a woman, and he was still in the concession when the national crisis was on the horizon.

He can’t say how much he likes Guo Lianyun, but he does have a good impression and admiration for Guo Lianyun. He always remembers that when he first joined the army, they ran out of ammunition and food and thought he was going to die. The people under Yun sent a large amount of supplies…

Later, Guo Lianyun went abroad, and he rose step by step because of his education, and several times he received the materials or money that Guo Lianyun sent back from abroad…

“Liu Xin, you Dad almost died of starvation, but fortunately Guo Lianyun sent canned food, do you know why I often ask you to buy canned food made by her factory? Just because it is the best canned food I have ever eaten!” It was about to arrive, and Chen Moshan started talking to his daughter again.

So her dad probably didn’t know Guo Lianyun at all. It was really just a secret, no more secret crush, right? Chen Liuxin doubted whether he could really take pictures with idols.

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That’s right, Guo Lianyun is also her idol, she has a collection of Guo Lianyun’s novels and short story collections!

Speaking of which, Guo Lianyun had a lot of literati in that era, but her favorite was Guo Lianyun. There was no way she could appreciate prose, poetry, etc., but Guo Lianyun’s various articles looked very interesting. Feeling, even hiding under the quilt and crying many times.

The car soon arrived at the airport. After Chen Moshan got out of the car, he saw many old buddies were also present. He thought he came after knowing the news of Guo Lianyun.

Some of them have not actually met Guo Lianyun, but they all know that this person exists, or they have read Guo Lianyun’s articles, or admire Guo Lianyun’s actions.

Guo Lianyun, a woman, has just created a piece of paradise abroad, and even opened the world’s top chain fast food restaurants…

Of course, what’s more important is that Guo Lianyun has supported many people in his life. Now many famous Chinese abroad have accepted her support when they were young, and they are very grateful to her, and they all call her sister.

She is back home now.

When Guo Lianjun got off the plane, the flashing lights continued, causing Chen Moshan to narrow his eyes subconsciously. Then he saw an old woman with silver threads walking down slowly.

Guo Lianyun’s hair was completely white, and there were not many wrinkles on her face. She put on makeup, wiped her lipstick, and a small hat was slanted on her head, and she was wearing a light blue small hat. In a suit, with a skirt of the same color, and wearing high heels, the whole person is fashionable and good-looking.

It was obvious that there were two young beauties beside her, but everyone’s eyes were on her involuntarily.

Even if this person becomes an old lady, she is the best looking old lady.

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