Third Story 8

8. Third Story END

There are a lot of Chinese in the Americas, they came here decades ago, and there are many Chinese-inhabited areas, but the Chinese have always been discriminated against, and it was only recently that it was a little better.

This situation made Guo Lianyun’s career progress a bit unsmooth, but even so, she was not discouraged. Instead, she developed her career step by step and actively contacted the Chinese in the Americas.

Guo Lianyun’s contact with these people was very smooth, and the smoothness was somewhat unbelievable. At first Guo Lianyun didn’t understand what was going on, but later she realized that it was because of the various foods produced by his food factory.

Many Chinese in the Americas were born here. They have heard a lot about China, and they have heard of Chinese food from their grandfather or father, but most of them have not really tasted all of it. After all, the two places are so far apart. Far away, the types of vegetables and the types of meat are completely different.

Although many Chinese people still eat Chinese food, their Chinese food is completely different from that in China.

“I like your company’s canned food very much, and I asked others to bring it to me.” The boss of the overseas Chinese gang is a middle-aged man in his forties named Hong Pengxing. When he first met Guo Lianyun, he said so.

It took Guo Lianyun a lot of hard work to get the opportunity to meet Hong Pengxing. She thought that she would cede some benefits in order to gain a firm foothold. Unexpectedly, she ended up having a good conversation with Hong Pengxing. Guo Lianyun not only got the support of the American Chinese, but also Got a big order from Hong Pengxing.

At the beginning, the products produced by the food factory were basically sold to local Chinese. Because Guo Lianyun herself had insufficient materials, the supply was in short supply.

After Hong Pengxing knew about this, he immediately bought a large number of seeds from Guo Lianyun, and then began to grow various vegetables and spices. At the same time, Guo Lianyun brought pigs and chickens from China and set up camp here to thrive. .

Time flies, and five years have passed in a blink of an eye. During these five years, the situation of the Chinese in America has finally gotten better and better, and Guo Lianyun is no longer satisfied with the status quo. Finally, she started a career in America. restaurant.

There are many Chinese restaurants in America, but none of them are particularly famous or attractive. Guo Lianjun has eaten the food of those restaurants and feels that it is very different from domestic food. A restaurant that sells an authentic taste.

Of course, she also took into account the tastes of Americans, and invited some Americans to serve as volunteers to taste various dishes before the opening. Most of the dishes that were sold in the restaurant were food that Americans could adapt to and love.

With so many delicacies in the country, it is by no means difficult to find some of the foods that these people love to eat.

This Chinese restaurant, Guo Lianjun, is named Junhua. It takes a high-end route and has an antique decoration. The food in it is served with various exquisite utensils. The price is very expensive, and the tableware only has chopsticks and spoons.

This kind of regulation made some people dissatisfied and even satirized Guo Lianyun in the newspaper at first, but Guo Lianyun didn’t care. Those who really like food can eat with spoons even if they don’t need chopsticks. Dissatisfied people… These are people who have opinions on the Chinese, and they won’t come to her restaurant anyway. In that case, what impact can they say on her?

In fact, she wished that these people could talk more, criticize herself more in the newspapers, and they was helping her to promote for free!

The business of high-end Chinese restaurants was not good at the beginning, but later became more and more famous. There is no major conflict between Chinese and Americans. Maybe some people will discriminate against Chinese, but most people do not have such an idea. As for using chopsticks… …for food lovers, it’s possible to eat food in your mouth, even with your hands!

A year later, Guo Lianyun opened two branches of Chinese restaurants, and at the same time opened a Chinese-style fast food restaurant, providing convenient and delicious food for those who live in a very fast-paced life in America.

The main product sold in this store is meat buns, but there are also other products available, such as noodles, vermicelli, dumplings and wontons, which are similar to traditional domestic breakfast restaurants.

The store is divided into two parts, the inside and the outside, separated by transparent glass. There are people making buns or dumplings on the spot, and the outside is where food is sold and paid, and there are some tables and chairs where customers can sit and eat.

It was also because of Guo Lianyun’s prior investigation that she had made some buns in advance for others to eat. As a result, many people refused to eat them because they were not at ease with the fillings. The meat, simply make the process of making the steamed buns transparent.

There are also some changes to the steamed buns themselves. Domestic steamed buns are popular with thin and juicy skins. People who make steamed buns will specially use pork skin to boil the skin and wrap them in the buns. However, she rejected this.

On the one hand, there is the problem of positioning. Their buns are intended to be sold as fast food to those who are in a hurry. Most people take them away in paper bags. If there is juice in it, it is very likely to overflow and beat when eating. Wet the paper bag outside, very inconvenient.

On the other hand… just like the stuffing question above, the people here don’t quite understand the ingredients of the jelly and basically treat the juices as oils. They will complain that the buns are too oily, instead of thinking the soup inside is delicious.

For various reasons, Guo Lianyun finally named Menghua, and the buns made by the fast food restaurant with the English name “a dream” are big meat buns the size of an adult’s palm.

Steamed buns and noodles are sold well, but unfortunately, the soy milk Guo Lianyun wanted to promote together with buns did not dare to sell it in the store. After these foreigners drink soy milk, many people have diarrhea!

Just as she is not used to drinking milk, these foreigners are not used to drinking soy milk.

The Junhua fast food restaurant was not well received at first, but the situation gradually improved as time went on, and the variety of food it sold became more and more important. More importantly, it provided a lot of jobs for the Chinese.

And with Guo Lianyun taking the lead, some other Chinese foods also appeared in the Americas. Although many of them were eventually eliminated from the market, many were left behind.

Guo Lianyun has more and more funds in her hands, but she does not fund the country any more. When she first went abroad, no matter how difficult she was, she would send things to the country, and even contacted many overseas Chinese to send things to the country together, but now, the invaders have been driven out, and the country is in a civil war.

In the eighth year of Guo Lianyun’s going abroad, the civil war finally ended. Guo Lianyun’s industry in the Americas had grown to the point where she could not easily give up. She also gave up returning to China and began to invest in some high-tech industries. domestic investment.

However, her investment was rejected… Guo Lianyun did not force it, but stayed abroad.

At this time, she was in her thirties.

Guo Lianyun always remembered her mother. When she was in her thirties, that woman had already looked sullen. She didn’t even want to wear bright clothes because she felt that she was old, but she was different. In her thirties, she is confident and beautiful, and has always had many suitors.

“Lian Yun, are you really not going to find a company? I think Young Master Hong is very good, or that William is also good, although I don’t really like his freckles.” Sun Rushuang left her husband and children and Guo Lian Yun couldn’t help asking when they were having dinner in their Chinese restaurant.

“I’m really not interested.” Guo Lianjun said, she has a career and friends, and life is not lonely at all, and she doesn’t want another man to intervene in her life.

“If you don’t want to get married, do you want to raise someone? I remember that many of the little guys I brought from China liked you.” Sun Rushuang looked at Guo Lianyun with gossip, but she didn’t force it. With the idea of ​​a good friend getting married, you must know that although her husband treats her well, she often misses the chic days when she was single! But she was really curious about what happened this morning.

I heard that one of the children who was brought to America by Guo Lianyun came to Guo Lianyun this morning with a carload of roses after breaking into some careers!

The boy was ten years younger than Guo Lianyun, and he was very gifted in learning. After he came to America, Guo Lianyun sponsored him and some other children to enter the school here. He has always been one of the best, and finally got into the best school in America!

After graduation, he didn’t come back to work in Guo Lianyun’s company. He just came to see Guo Lianyun during Chinese New Year and holidays. At first, some people said that he was an idiot, but he didn’t expect him to confess to Guo Lianyun now!

“It’s still just a child.” Guo Lianyun glanced at Sun Rushuang helplessly. This person was only ten years old when she was brought back by her. In her eyes, he was just a child from beginning to end.

“That’s also… Let’s toast to your beautiful life that will last a lifetime.” Sun Rushuang raised the red jujube tea in front of her—she was pregnant again.

Guo Lianyun smiled and had a drink with her, but her smile suddenly froze, and her whole body suddenly froze.

“Lianyun, what’s wrong with you?” Sun Rushuang asked eagerly, but Guo Lianyun didn’t respond. Guo Lianyun can become prosperity and rich, in fact, it was all because of the ghost who had been with her and had gone through all the ups and downs with her. Suddenly told that she’s leaving.

Mu Ling didn’t disappear suddenly this time, but first faintly felt that she would leave, so he greeted Guo Lianyun: “I’m leaving.”

Guo Lianyun’s face was full of disbelief, and Mu Ling smiled again. Laughing: “Actually, I’ve been here for an unexpectedly long time. Now that you are happy, it’s time for me to leave.” As she said, she reached out and touched Guo Lianyun’s hair. She witnessed it with her own eyes. After seeing this girl’s growth, I also feel my own growth, and now I feel a little reluctant.

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But she still had to leave because she wanted to see her granddaughter, and because she liked helping others in this way.

To be honest, it was the first time she realized that she was still a good person.

Mu Ling’s figure slowly faded, and finally disappeared completely, and Guo Lianyun suddenly burst into tears.

“Lianyun, what’s wrong with you?” Sun Rushuang had already taken up, holding Guo Lianyun’s hand worriedly.

“I’m fine.” Guo Lianyun said, “I just feel very sad all of a sudden.”

“How could this happen? Is it because of telepathy? Your parents…” Sun Rushuang, who had just heard such a word, frowned slightly.

“It has nothing to do with them.” Guo Lianyun said. When she was in China, she actually already knew the news of her parents, and it was her former classmate who told her after recognizing her.

Although her parents had disappointed her, they were her parents after all, and she wanted to take them with her when she went abroad, lest they end up being hurt by the war in the country.

But they refused, saying they would never leave her brother, and not only that, they asked her for a lot of money.

Guo Lianjun couldn’t tell how he felt at the beginning, only that he finally gave the money, and then lost contact with them because they were separated by the sea.

“Then do you want to go to the hospital for a checkup?” Sun Rushuang asked again.

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Guo Lianyun shook his head and refused, expressing that she did not want to continue this topic, only she knew about Mu Ling’s existence, and only she knew.

Sun Rushuang stopped asking questions, and instead chatted with Guo Lianyun about something else.

Rushuang, can you introduce me to a Chinese painting teacher? I want to learn painting.” Guo Lianjun said suddenly.

“Why do you suddenly want to learn to draw?” Sun Rushuang was a little surprised.

“Because there are people that I want to paint.” Guo Lianyun glanced at her right side subconsciously. Not long ago, Mu Ling was sitting in the empty seat there.

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