Third Story 13

13. Stallion

The original Li Fan had already drowned in the water when he fell into the water.

“Li Fan” from another world occupied his body and continued to live with his identity.

Lin Xiaotang’s so-called “returning the body” means to let Li Fan from another world leave the body of Li Fan from this world.

At the same time, Li Fan’s identity should really die.

Now that she has decided to do it, she naturally won’t drag it behind.

That night, in the face of Li Fan and the men in black, she used her energy to attract a bus with a terrifying rumor, thereby deceiving Li Fan.

And the moment Li Fan got into the car, he was completely under Lin Xiaotang’s control.

All his horrific experiences in the car were nothing but a nightmare woven by her.

So, in the video of the dash cam, after Li Fan got into the car, he fell directly on the floor and fell asleep.

After that, all the deeds that happened to him had nothing to do with Lin Xiaotang who got off the bus at the first stop.

Even if some people still doubt Lin Xiaotang, think she has a problem, and think that Li Fan will faint because she hypnotized Li Fan.

But how to explain the appearance of this bus?

A nineteen-year-old girl, no matter how powerful she is, she can’t “drive” a bus out of thin air, right? !

In this way, Lin Xiaotang successfully cleared his suspicions.

Because both of Li Fan’s parents died, he had no other relatives or friends.

When the matter was over, it was not An Qingyu or Chu Yaorao who was in prison who collected Li Fan’s body, but Lin Xiaotang’s original parents.

In order to take care of Li Fan easily, they went through the adoption procedures and became his guardians.

The police contacted Lin’s father and Lin’s mother and told them about Li Fan’s situation.

Lin’s father and Lin’s mother had long known what Li Fan had done in school, and they were not too sad about it.

After a bit of emotion, they took Li Fan’s body back to his hometown and found a place to bury it in a hurry.

The only good thing is that the hundreds of thousands left in Li Fan’s bank card were handed over to Lin’s father and Lin’s mother as his inheritance.

In this way, it can be regarded as a settlement of the kindness that Lin’s parents and Lin’s mother have given him in the past few years.

Without the male protagonist, the earth is still spinning, and life naturally has to go on.

In the days that followed, Lin Xiaotang re-invested in a busy and fulfilling coding career.

After participating in the author conference, Lin Xiaotang managed to get out of the circle once by virtue of her appearance.

Fortunately for the readers, she was not confused by the false popularity on the Internet, but maintained a consistent low-key style, steadfastly code words, and write seriously.

Such a diligent and simple style not only makes other authors of the website admire, but also makes Lin Xiaotang more and more die-hard fans.

[Today’s update is still 10,000, so happy. 】

【I like such a diligent and down-to-earth author! I have been fattened by the daily updates of 4D. 】

【It is obvious that you can rely on your face to take shortcuts, but it depends on your strength. ] [It feels like with the big devil’s face, as long as she hype it up casually, she can easily become famous. ] [Yeah, to be honest, sometimes I’m anxious for the big devil, and I can’t wait to help her contact the marketing account. ] [Hate iron to become steel+1] [Hate iron to become steel+10086] […However, it’s good that she can stick to her heart. 】

Perhaps Lin Xiaotang is too young, many readers subconsciously regard her as their own child or junior.

Especially some female fans gave her a very cute nickname – Little Mushroom.

On weekdays, they call themselves “mother of little mushrooms”.

If someone asks them curiously why they call the “big devil” a “little mushroom”, they will proudly say, because the “big devil” has a low-key and withdrawn personality, and always writes letters in the corners in obscurity. like a little mushroom.

Lin Xiaotang: “…”

She never expected to have such a nickname.

But the accident was an accident, and Lin Xiaotang didn’t want to resist the fans’ behavior.

It’s interesting to watch in the comments section, as they chatter about the plot, or get freaked out by her new chapter.

Lin Xiaotang really likes modern women more than women from ancient backgrounds.

They are lively, comfortable and agile, and dare to express their likes and dislikes freely on the Internet, revealing full of vigor between the lines.

Under the care of readers, Lin Xiaotang continued to write novels.

A year later, her essay is finally finished, and after three or four years, her second novel will also be finished.

In the past few years, she has continued to grow, the number of readers has become more and more, and the fear value of the harvest has become greater and greater.

After graduating from college, she became a full-time novelist.

At the same time, she has also become one of the most prestigious resident authors of Yunxiao

In the sixth year, Lin Xiaotang’s “True Horror Incident” will finally be made into a TV series.

The development of the film and television industry in this world is particularly comprehensive, and there are no restrictions on subject matter. In this case, it is extremely easy for “True Horror” to pass the trial, and it is not difficult to shoot.

According to the previous agreement, Lin Xiaotang got the heroine of “True Terrorist Incident” through Gu Jing’s relationship.

She has a hunch that after the filming of this TV series, the energy accumulated in her body will peak again, and it is time for her to leave this world.

As for her mission to save the villain?

From the moment Li Fan died, her mission was almost complete.

After that, Gu Jing also encountered several more dangerous situations.

But with Lin Xiaotang’s reminder and help, he survived these crises without any risk.

The two gradually became good friends, and they would chat a few words from time to time on WeChat.

After Lin Xiaotang participated in “True Horror Incident”, which was invested and filmed by Gu’s Group, the intersection between the two gradually increased, and Lin Xiaotang saw Gu Jing more and more frequently.

He confessed!?

Three months later, on a brightly lit night, Gu Jing invited Lin Xiaotang to a meal and expressed his goodwill towards her. “I’ve always admired you. I’ve had a crush on you since the first time we met,” Gu Jing said. “If you don’t mind, would you like to try to get along with me?”

After listening to Gu Jing’s words, Lin Xiaotang, who had never had such an experience, was slightly startled, not knowing how to react.

In the past, she was either a world-famous movie star, or a demon king who sat in the demon world. No man dared to covet her, and not many people would express their affection for her.

In this world, in order to easily integrate into this world, Lin Xiaotang has been deliberately restraining her breath and becoming an ordinary person.

So, in the eyes of outsiders, after losing that “horror aura”, she is a pretty girl with a calm personality and a very good personality.

And such talented and beautiful women will never lack the love of the opposite sex.

However, understanding is understanding, Lin Xiaotang was still a little overwhelmed when faced with this situation.

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“Why do you like me?”

After a few seconds of silence, Lin Xiaotang asked, “There shouldn’t be a shortage of good-looking women by your side.”

This is what Lin Xiaotang couldn’t understand.

As the eldest young master of the Gu family, what kind of woman would Gu Jing not have?

Even An Qingyu, who was divorced, has a prominent family background and a figure and appearance that is not inferior to that of celebrities.

Compared with her indifferent and rigid, shouldn’t those gentle and careless women be more attractive?

“Maybe it’s because you are very distressing.”

After listening to Lin Xiaotang’s question, Gu Jing thought about it and gave an unexpected reply.

Lin Xiaotang was slightly startled: “It’s very distressing?”

“Yeah,” Gu Jing said, “Xiaotang, you feel very lonely.”

No matter when or where, Lin Xiaotang always seems to be a one person.

She has relatives, she also has friends, but her relationship with everyone is flat and estranged.

She obviously lives in a group world, but she seems to have closed herself off, keeping a layer of isolation from everyone around her, preventing outsiders from coming in or letting herself out.

Sometimes, Gu Jing even felt that Lin Xiaotang’s connection with the world was extremely shallow.

She was like a fish drifting to a different place, wagging her tail gently, leaving a wave.

But as long as she wants to leave, she can easily leave this sea area and swim to a farther place.

“Aren’t you lonely…”

Lin Xiaotang didn’t expect Gu Jing to answer like this.

After she understood what Gu Jing meant by “loneliness”, she didn’t know what to reply.

She did have a very dull relationship with the original owner’s parents and friends, and she had always been alone.

She never thought that in the eyes of others, this turned out to be a very uncomfortable thing.

Seeing that Lin Xiaotang didn’t speak, Gu Jing paused for a few seconds before continuing to ask, “Will you give me a chance to approach you?”

A chance to approach her?

After Lin Xiaotang was silent for a while, she shook her head and said, “I’m sorry.” She will leave this sooner or later.

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Instead of leaving anything behind, she might as well just leave without any regrets and regrets.

“It’s alright, you don’t need to apologize.”

After hearing Lin Xiaotang’s reply, Gu Jing smiled and didn’t look surprised at all.

However, after laughing, he looked at Lin Xiaotang and asked very seriously, “Can I ask, why did you reject me?”


Faced with this question, Lin Xiaotang thought for a long time before answering softly: “Maybe it’s because I’m walking a path destined to be lonely.”

Five months later, “True Horror” was adapted from the online novel of the same name. Released on major video sites.

As the first domestic horror-themed TV series, “True Horror” broke several records after its release and became the most popular phenomenon-level TV series of the year.

Among them, the heroine played by the original author Lin Xiaotang has become a dark horse in the entertainment circle because of her outstanding performance and excellent acting skills, and has won unanimous praise from audiences at home and abroad.

They couldn’t imagine how such a person could exist.

Not to mention the achievements in writing, the acting is still so good!

In response to Lin Xiaotang’s stunning performance in the play, a large number of people flooded into her Weibo and became her fans.

However, the good times did not last long. In the second year of the TV series, the author Lin Xiaotang disappeared unexpectedly and her whereabouts were unknown.

Some thought she was definitely dead after being missing for so long.

But there are more people who firmly believe that she is still alive and living well in a certain corner of the world.

Her life is like a shooting star, short, dazzling, and fleeting, but it has left an extremely splendid brilliance.

Since then, no matter in the entertainment circle or the online literature circle, there has never been a person as elegant as her.

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