Fourth Story 1

1. Running with the ball.

【Congratulations to the host! Your quest rating this time is still S! 】

After returning to the main god space, Lin Xiaotang saw the extremely excited villain rescue system.

The little ball of light went crazy with joy and kept jumping up and down.

The system is obviously very satisfied with her S-rank rating, but Lin Xiaotang herself is already a little bearish.

These tasks are too simple for her to be proud of.

“Go directly to the next world.”

Lin Xiaotang said directly, not wanting to stay here too much.

[Okay, okay,] The system said graciously, [Excuse me, host, do you have any requirements for the mission world? 】


Lin Xiaotang thought about it and said, “Let’s continue to pick the modern world.”

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[Modern? it is good! 】

After listening to her words, the system began to rummage.

After a while, the system suddenly said: [Host, there is a mission in the modern world that is very difficult and dangerous, do you want to take it? 】

High difficulty and danger?

What’s notable about this.

In this regard, Lin Xiaotang did not hesitate at all: “Yes.”

After finishing speaking, she asked again, “What is my mission?”

[Save the villain Qin Yue, help him out of the predicament, and help him live what he wants Life. ]

Five years later.

Huaihai City, in Little Sun Kindergarten.

“Throw, throw, throw the handkerchief, put it

gently behind the child,

don’t tell him

Hurry up, hurry up and catch him

hurry up and hurry up and catch him…”

In the singing, the children waving handkerchiefs and running happily.

Behind them, several young female teachers were smiling I watched them play with interest.

Little Sun Kindergarten is a public kindergarten in the nearby urban area. Many parents who live nearby will send their children here.

On weekdays, the main task of teachers is to teach children to read Pinyin and recognize Numbers, and then play games with them.

However, whether it is the teacher or other children, they pay the most attention to the little girl in the corner in a pink dress.

She is very beautiful, with fair skin that can be broken with big black eyes, she looks like a deer.

She sits quietly in the corner, not speaking or moving, like a little mushroom.

This is a child of the little tiger class, her name is Lin Xiaotang, The little name is Tangtang. She entered school last year. Because of her beautiful appearance and well-behaved personality, she has always been loved by the people around her.

However, for some reason, the little girl’s personality is much more withdrawn than her peers.

Even when playing games, she always hides in the corner alone.

“Tangtang, do you want to eat an apple? “

At this moment, a chubby little boy, holding an apple, ran over.

As if taking credit, he held up the apple and handed it to the little girl beside him: ” I will give you the apple and you will be my girlfriend, okay? “

Lin Xiaotang was silent for a few seconds, looking at the little apple that had been nibbled several times: “Not good. “

Hearing what she said, the little boy pursed his lips, tears welling in his eyes.

Seeing this, Lin Xiaotang’s eyes twitched, and she said quickly, “Don’t cry!” “

Once these children started crying, it was almost endless, and the noise made her scalp tingle.

Even more frightening is that the crying of children is still contagious.

When a child cries, the other children cry with them.

Being so fierce by her, the little boy was extremely aggrieved.

He covered his eyes and tried to hold back his tears: “But, but I can’t help it…”

Lin Xiaotang said indifferently, “Then I’ll ignore you.”

He didn’t seem to think that Lin Xiaotang would be so heartless, the little boy stayed for two seconds , “Wow” and burst into tears.

When he was crying, he didn’t forget to learn the lines in the TV series, and scolded inarticulately: “Scum girl, do you have a heart!”

Lin Xiaotang, who suddenly became a “scumbag”: “…”

Look at At this scene, the kindergarten teachers next to them all laughed.

“Hahahahaha, this is the first few boys to confess to Tangtang?”

“The seventh, right? The last one was Kaikai from the Little Sheep class next door.”

“Our Tangtang is really popular, that is. She’s too shy, and she doesn’t know what kind of little boy she likes.”

“It’s not a crybaby like Yangyang anyway.”

“I see Tangtang’s expression changing, and I’m more afraid of the child crying than we are. “

While talking and laughing, the teachers came over and took the crying little boy away.

Before leaving, they didn’t forget to touch Lin Xiaotang’s head, or pinch her face to appease her.

Lin Xiaotang: “…”

The little girl who was used to being treated like this had no expression on her face, and her heart was ashes.

She regretted it.

She really regretted it.

If she had known this day, she should not have taken this task.

Before coming here, from the mouth of the system, Lin Xiaotang only knew that this world is very difficult and dangerous.

But she never imagined that her identity turned out to be a newborn baby!

From 1 to 5 years old, Lin Xiaotang was forced to grow up again.

Even though there is a huge amount of energy in her body, most of her terrifying abilities can only be used to attack others, and there is absolutely no way to bring any benefits to herself.

If it’s just that, that’s fine.

At most, it’s just to stay in this world for a few more decades, and it’s not that she can’t wait.

But the problem is that this time the villain rescue mission is indeed a bit tricky for her.

Because, she is the child of the heroine Lin Qingqing.

The plot of this world is a rather indescribable love story.

Six years ago, the heroine Lin Qingqing worked as a waiter in a luxury hotel.

One night, she accidentally walked through the wrong door, and was taken by the hero Leng Xiaohan as a woman sent by someone else.

… Then, Lin Qingqing was forced by Leng Xiaohan.

After the night, Lin Qingqing fled the hotel out of fear.

The experience of this night has become a secret in her heart, and she has not told anyone.

If things end here, then this is at most a story of a poor girl being raped.

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However, two months later, Lin Qingqing found out that she was pregnant.

Faced with this sudden child, Lin Qingqing was at a loss and didn’t know what to do at all.

She also thought about killing the child, but when she got to the door of the hospital, she was reluctant to go in.

She stroked her belly, and she knew that there was a little life in it.

This is her child, her flesh and blood, and a treasure given to her by God.

How could she be so cruel to kill her child?

Under such thinking, Lin Qingqing did not abort the child, but gave birth to the child.

This child is Lin Xiaotang.

According to the follow-up development of the plot, when Lin Xiaotang is five years old, Lin Qingqing will meet Leng Xiaohan again in the company where he works.

For this woman, Leng Xiaohan always felt a little familiar, as if he had met him somewhere.

And Lin Qingqing’s diligent, pure and kind temperament inadvertently attracted him.

As the number of encounters between the two increased, Leng Xiaohan noticed that although Lin Qingqing declared that she was married, her husband had never appeared.

Even the kindergarten held a parent meeting, Lin Qingqing has always been alone.

Because of curiosity, he sent someone to investigate Lin Qingqing and got photos of Lin Qingqing and her daughter Lin Xiaotang.

And that child looks very similar to him, especially the cold thin lips, which are exactly the same as him!

Out of intuition, he took Lin Xiaotang’s hair and did a paternity test, confirming that Lin Xiaotang was his own daughter.

After that, he took the identification certificate and slapped it in front of Lin Qingqing.

“My Leng family’s children must never be left out.”

Looking at Lin Qingqing who was in a panic, Leng Xiaohan said in a cold and arrogant tone: “Either accept 10 million and give my daughter to me, or see you in court—or, I will give an option. You choose.”

Lin Qingqing couldn’t help but ask, “What choices?”

“Contract with me to get married.”

Lin Qingqing is a typical little white fancy heroine, weak, opinionless, and submissive.

Facing Leng Xiaohan’s compulsory request, in order not to separate from her daughter, she had no choice but to accept the last choice.

She signed the contract given by Leng Xiaohan and married him.

But at this moment, Bai Yueguang, who had gone abroad ten years ago by Leng Xiaohan, and Qin Yao, the eldest lady of the Qin Group, came back.

Because she disliked Lin Qingqing’s low background and looked down on Lin Xiaotang as a grandchild, Leng Xiaohan’s mother disapproved of this marriage very much.

For Mother Leng, only Qin Yao is the daughter-in-law she agrees with.

After Qin Yao came back from abroad, Mother Leng began to squeeze and suppress Lin Qingqing, and tried her best to bring Qin Yao and Leng Xiaohan together.

And what about Leng Xiaohan?

The person he liked in his heart was actually Lin Qingqing, otherwise he would not have proposed to marry her.

But he never found this out, he thought he loved Qin Yao.

In the face of Lin Qingqing, who came from a humble background, he was also somewhat disdainful in his heart.

Not wanting her to go out and be embarrassed, he put pressure on Lin Qingqing’s company, so that Lin Qingqing lost his job and could only stay in the cold house.

Externally, he never claimed that Lin Qingqing was his wife.

Leng’s mother made all kinds of difficulties for Lin Qingqing, and he acted as if he had not seen it.

After spending three years in such torture, Lin Qingqing was in unbearable pain.

She wanted to leave the place with her daughter, however, just the night before she left, she found out she was pregnant.

Facing the child in his womb, Lin Qingqing softened again.

At the same time, she also felt extremely at a loss.

Her whole life was related to Leng Xiaohan. If she left him, where would she go? What is she going to do?

Besides him, can I still like others and be with others?

In this way, Lin Qingqing struggled for a long time, and finally chose to stay.

Fortunately, Lin Qingqing is the heroine after all, and also the fateful half of the hero Leng Xiaohan.

After various misunderstandings, disputes, miscarriages, car accidents, amnesia and other sadomasochistic plots, Leng Xiaohan finally recognized his love for Lin Qingqing.

They overcome all odds and work together to a happy ending.

As for the Qin family?

Because Qin Yao shot and framed Lin Qingqing’s mother and daughter again and again, Leng Xiaohan couldn’t bear it anymore, and finally shot, making the Qin family bankrupt.

Lin Xiaotang: “…”

Faced with this plot, Lin Xiaotang was silent for a long time, feeling that her IQ was insulted.

Whether it’s the heroine Lin Qingqing, or the hero Leng Xiaohan, or Mother Leng and Qin Yao, they are all so speechless.

To put it inappropriately, the minds of these people are not like independent adults at all.

A typical example is the heroine Lin Qingqing.

Lin Xiaotang couldn’t understand why Lin Qingqing didn’t call the police after that night had passed.

Even if she doesn’t call the police, why is she still in love with a man who raped her and then tortured her in every possible way?

Facing mother Leng and Qin Yao’s many difficulties, she silently endured it without arguing and swallowed all the grievances.

Facing the misunderstanding and cynicism of the male protagonist Leng Xiaohan, she has no complaints and no regrets, and is always by his side.

What is even more incomprehensible is that Lin Qingqing did not leave!

It was so painful and hard to live in the cold family, but she had to stay.

She had missed so many opportunities to leave.

As if all this was done willingly by Lin Qingqing, Lin Xiaotang couldn’t actually say anything.

After all, this is Lin Qingqing’s own personal affairs, and it is difficult for outsiders to blame.

However, the object of Lin Xiaotang’s rescue was Qin Yao’s younger brother, Qin Yue.

Her mission is to save the villain Qin Yue, help him out of his predicament, and help him live the life he wants to live.

Therefore, in order to facilitate the completion of the task in the future, she must intervene in the affairs of Lin Qingqing and Leng Xiaohan.

In Lin Xiaotang’s daze, a day passed.

Soon, it was time for Little Sun Kindergarten to dismiss.

Under the instructions of the teachers, Lin Xiaotang came to the gate of the kindergarten with her small schoolbag on her back.

Outside the door, a woman in her twenties with a pure and gentle appearance was smiling at her.

This is her mother, Lin Qingqing.

Seeing Lin Xiaotang coming out, Lin Qingqing hurried over.

Holding her daughter’s hand, she smiled at the kindergarten teacher beside her and asked, “Mr. Wang, how is Xiaotang doing today, is she disobedient?”

“No, no, Xiaotang is the like in a Little Tiger class. The most sensible girl.”

Listening to Lin Qingqing’s question, the teacher beside him quickly waved his hand.

This is not the teacher’s compliment, but Lin Xiaotang, this child, is indeed very obedient.

In other words, she is much smarter than the noisy children of the same age.

No matter what, Lin Xiaotang knows it as soon as she learns it.

Even the math problems of elementary school difficulty, she can do it with ease.

Apart from being a little withdrawn, Lin Xiaotang has almost no shortcomings.

However, the little girl is quieter, what’s the problem?

Hearing the kindergarten teachers praise Lin Xiaotang so much, Lin Qingqing was very happy.

She lowered her head, rubbed her daughter’s head, and said softly, “Tangtang is so good, how about mom taking you to eat ice cream tonight?”

Lin Xiaotang’s current favorite thing is ice cream.

Just because she was still young, Lin Qingqing always refused to let her eat because she was afraid that she would eat badly.

Hearing that her mother said that she could eat ice cream, Lin Xiaotang nodded and replied happily, “Okay.”

Although in the original plot, Lin Qingqing seemed to have no brains, and all kinds of resignations made Lin Xiaotang not know what to say.

But I have to say that in the past five years, Lin Qingqing has treated her meticulously.

She really loves Lin Xiaotang.

Even when life was the most difficult, Lin Qingqing never thought of leaving Lin Xiaotang behind.

… After all, if it were someone else, she might have accepted Leng Xiaohan’s 10 million yuan and flew away.

Looking at the baby girl who nodded obediently, Lin Qingqing only felt that her heart was melting.

In her eyes, her own baby is the best.

It’s a pity that she is really useless.

Not only failed to give Xiaotang a better life, but also failed to give her a complete home.

Thinking of the cruel man she accidentally met in the company this morning, Lin Qingqing’s heart skipped a beat.

For some reason, she always felt that the man was a little familiar.

An uneasy mood occupied her heart, causing her to make several mistakes that shouldn’t have been made all day long…

And at this moment, Lin Xiaotang, who had been silent for a while, suddenly spoke up.

“Mom,” she asked, “do you want to get married?”


Why does Xiaotang ask this?

Not knowing what to think, Lin Qingqing’s expression changed.

She squatted down, hugged Lin Xiaotang quickly, and asked carefully, “Tangtang, what’s wrong? Did someone in the kindergarten speak ill of you?”

Pregnancy before marriage was always a scar in Lin Qingqing’s heart.

She has always been afraid that Lin Xiaotang will be hurt after hearing some rumors.

“No,” Lin Xiaotang shook her head and said, “I just want to know, Mom, if Dad appeared, would you want to be with him?”

Xiaotang’s father? The man who raped her?

Lin Qingqing subconsciously wanted to refuse, but looking at her innocent daughter, she hesitated again.

What if, if Xiaotang wanted a complete home…

After a few seconds of silence, Lin Qingqing hugged Lin Xiaotang even tighter.

Looking at her daughter in her arms, she asked in a low voice, “Does Tangtang want a father?”

“I don’t want to,” Lin Xiaotang shook her head again and said, “I only need a mother.”

This is indeed Lin Xiaotang real thoughts.

Just Leng Xiaohan’s father, it’s better not to.

Hearing what Lin Xiaotang said, Lin Qingqing’s heart softened to a mess.

In this regard, she said without hesitation: “Then mother is not married.”

Like Xiaotang, she only needs Xiaotang.

Even if Xiaotang’s biological father appears, don’t even think about taking the child away from her!

After listening to her mother’s answer, Lin Xiaotang blinked.

After a long time, she said softly: “Okay.”

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