Interlude: Goddess Afa’s Third Report

Afa stared at the viewing screen with casual interest. Some rather strange things had just transpired before her godly eyes.

“Who was that man?” She asked the pixie hovering next to her throne.

“Um, who are you referring to My Goddess?” The pixie asked.

“That old weirdo, the spellcaster who owned that silly toy shop.” She replied.

The pixie blinked once in confusion before realizing who Afa was were referring to, “Oh, Edvard Bo? He’s a mage that was trained back at The Academy, he graduated twenty-six years ago at age twenty-one with below average grades. He then proceeded to-”

“Urgh, boring. I don’t care.” Afa interrupted lazing back one her throne, playing with her golden hair she continued, “What was this old fart even doing?”

“Smuggling corrupted mana stones.”

“He was!?” Afa exclaimed loudly, “Who would have guessed.” She said in amazement.

“Excuse me My Goddess, but was this unexpected?” The pixie asked.

Afa looked at the pixie as if she had said something extremely stupid, “Of course, why would I ever pay attention to a no name NPC?”

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“A what?”

“But this random did do quite an interesting thing. I can’t quite complain.” Afa mused, “Though who is this person the Coldwaters hired? She looks rather familiar.” She wondered.

Afa stared at a picture on the screen that displayed Primrose. I think I’ve seen this face somewhere before.

“Uhhhh, who cares?” The pixie said quickly.

Afa slowly looked over to the pixie with a face that asked for elaboration.

“It’s just some random druid from the wilderness that wants to capitalize on an opportunity to be hired by the Coldwaters. There’s nothing important about her at all.” The pixie said.

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“Hmmm, true, but there’s something about her… she doesn’t seem to be a regular deity.” Afa pondered.

“Oh, that’s because she’s some type of lesser forest deity. Probably why she is trying to gain some favour from the Coldwaters.” The pixie said.

“A forest deity? Really?” Afa scoffed, “How pathetic can they be to sell themselves to some humans.”

“Exactly My Goddess, this nobody isn’t worth paying any attention to. Especially not worth your precious time.” The pixie assured.

“Yes, you are right.” Afa said nodding her head in agreement, “She won’t be able to interfere at all. Who knows? She might even teach Bryson some nasty tricks. Always useful to know for someone like him.” Afa said wagging her finger at the pixie.

“Of course.” The pixie nodded her head fervently.

As Afa stared back at the viewing screen she rested her legs on one of the arm rests and leaned back as she continued to watch the screen the pixie breathed a sigh of relief. That sure was close. I’m glad she doesn’t care about other people enough to dig any deeper. The pixie thought as she hovered silently next to the throne. Damn it all Zarall, you owe me for this.

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