Chapter 84: Fighting Through the Storm (Part 2)

[On the right part of the Lunar Bay! A veteran of navigating and raping! Someone who got wasted by Bururiba on a one versus one but most probably a winner in today’s battle! Captain Haidao!]

Cheers and booing broke out everywhere from inside or around the island. Not many liked Haidao, but some still preferred him rather than Bururiba.

[While on the left part! A newbie who just came into our sweet peninsula and turned everything upside down in just 3 months! The bastard Bururiba!]

The pirate king still held a grudge against Bururiba after defeating him and giving him orders around while he was king.

Again, cheers and booing were heard, the booing this time resounded a little stronger than for Haidao.

That damn fat-ass.

Both Bururiba and Haidao cursed the pirate king then prepared for the battle.

Both ships started the engines, preparing for the signal to start sailing.

[Now, when the signal is given, feel free to sail!]

The pirate king looked at both ships then after a moment of pause he continued;

[Both ships ready?! Too late! FIRE!]


A cannon from the pirate king’s ship shot a huge cannon-ball which was normally for bombarding, making for a strong shockwave to make the ship sway violently while an incandescent red iron ball flew in the air then exploded like a firework, lighting up the already flashy sky.

“Take flight at low altitude and sail forward! Full power!” → Haidao

Haidao shouted right after the signal.

His ship sailed with full power toward Bururiba’s ship. The distance between the two ships was around 400 meters and with every 10 meters, the ship would rise 2 meters.

“Forward! Aim the frontal cannons!” → Bururiba

Bururiba commanded the same.

“Captain! Something’s wrong! That demon’s ship is coming right toward us at full speed!”

A fairy which stood on the top-most place on the ship shouted downward at Bururiba in a panic.

“What?!” → Bururiba

Bururiba was shocked and got in front of the decks, looking with wide eyes at the upcoming warship.

Are they trying to crash on us from the get-go? Is he crazy?! → Bururiba

Bururiba looked forward and saw the huge warship’s beak coming for their foremast.

They’re planning to crash on top of us?! Crazy bastards! → Bururiba

Bururiba rushed toward the helm and activated the engines.

“Hard forward!” → Bururiba

Bururiba shouted and the engines from the left started spinning, making the ship slide on the right.

Right when the Haidao was almost on top of Bururiba’s ship, the engines shot out incredible pressure, sending the ship sliding to the right.

“Stop the engines!” → Haidao

Haidao’s ship crashed on top of the water, missing the target by a few meters and making huge waves which shook Bururiba’s ship, also deranging the aim of the cannons. Right now, they were right beside Bururiba’s ship prepared for a massacre.

“FIRE!” → Haidao


A chain of booming sounds resounded while smoke rose like clouds from the base of a mountain. All the cannons from the left side shot out, making Bururiba’s ship dent in the sturdier parts and penetrate the less armored ones.

“Guh!” → Bururiba

Bururiba’s ship shock and screams resounded from inside.

“FIRE! Aim those cannons already!” → Bururiba

Bururiba’s cannons also countered back, going for a more disorderly manner. The two ships bombarded each other while trying to dodge by sliding just like how Bururiba did a while ago.

“Fast! Get us away from here!” → Bururiba
“The far-end! Full power!” → Tyson
“Don’t even think that you’ll get away! Rotate! Babord”

They sailed in full power in front so to get out from the bombing carpet, while Haidao activated one engine from the back and one from the front, making the ship spin and turn with the cannons still aiming for Bururiba’s ship.

“Hecking persistent! Rise up and aim the bombardiers!” → Bururiba
“To the sky and slightly tribord!” → Tyson

Bururiba tried to take flight and slightly turn the ship on a side so to have an aim with the underground bombardiers, which were huge cannons at the bottom of the ship.



Huge cannon-balls dented the black-iron ship on some parts while destroying some anti-aerial cannons from on top of the deck.

“Where are the harpoons?! Bring them to me!” → Haidao

Haidao took some damage then he shot out two harpoons which penetrated his ship and grabbed Bururiba’s ship downwards.

“S***! He’s crazy! At this angle, we’ll only crash and end up under the waters together! Tyson! Land us properly!” → Bururiba
“On sea!” → Tyson

“Bahahaha~! Idiots!” → Haidao

Bururiba’s ship landed on top of the water then got another wave of cannon-balls because of the small distance.

“S*** s*** s***! What now?!”
“Captain! I’ll do something about it!”
“How!- EH?! Oy man!”

Nicolas jumped in the water, ignoring the baffled faces of the others and hastily found then cut the ropes from the harpoons with a swing of his blade. He then got on the rope ladder on the side and shouted without going up. At this moment, cannon-balls flew with four meters above him, making him unable to get up.

“We’re free to go!”
“Nice one Nicolas! Everyone! Get away from that bastard to get Nicolas on-board!”

After Nicolas cut the chains, the ship took some distance from Haidao, enough for them to be able to take a breather.

“Boahahaha~! Is that all you’ve got?! I can see you don’t have that ruthless spirit to be a pirate, brat!”

The stones and rocks around the ship were destroyed by the defensive units form both ships, making for an escaping route, trying to evade the bombardment.  Because Bururiba had a slower start, his ship suffered more damages.

“Grr~! That’s it! The able warriors here! Prepare for the counter!” → Bururiba

Bururiba summoned ten of the best warriors from his crew atop the decks and gave out the command.

“Toward them! When I give the command, give it your all!” → Bururiba
“Back-engines! full power!” → Tyson

The ship got closer and closer, then right before Haidao could give his command to fire;

“Bombarding squad! Start firing!” → Haidao

“Circle them!” → Bururiba

Bururiba shouted out and a group of mages, Elementals, Sword mages and some mobile cannons, started the bombardment with different kinds of long ranged spells and small cannon-balls while Tyson commanded the engineers to control the engines in such a manner so they would go around Haidao’s ship and encircle while bombarding them while they were still unmoving like sitting ducks.

A rain of fire-balls, ice-arrows, and iron balls started to fall over Haidao’s decks, lighting up the sky above his ship.

“Activate the barriers!”

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A transparent barrier surrounded the ship, stopping every magic attack on top of it. This kind of barrier was strong enough to stop even Saint’s spells. Even so:

“Woah?! Guh!”
“Gah! Crap! Are these cannon-balls?!”

The iron balls which were launched from the little cannons penetrated the barrier and destroyed the deck, also injuring the crew, unaware of the surprise attack.

Tsk. Who would’ve thought he’ll use those little cannons? → Bururiba

The ships had the big cannons and because the little cannons dealt close to no damage against a war-ship and were wasting space, nobody really used them, selling or throwing them away.

“Damn! He has a shield now?!” → Bururiba

Bururiba was distressed at Haidao’s precaution. A shield normally costs around 200.000 gold coins, two times more than a war-ship and this made it a piece of dreamy equipment which few actually bought.

“The magic bombardment won’t work on them now but only from inside. What should we do, captain?” → Kavala

Kavala asked Bururiba with an anxious face.


The lightning shook the sky and attracted Bururiba’s attention.


He looked dazed at the sky and made a crazy smile while his eyes shone in anticipation.

“We’ll ask Raijin to help us! Haha~! TO THE SKY!” → Bururiba
“To the sky!” → Tyson

Bururiba activated the engines, trying to take flight as fast as possible, the ship was already taking water and Tyson was hard pressed in repairing the damaged engines.

If it works we might have another chance in winning, if I fail… We’re all doomed. → Bururiba

The cold water from the rain penetrated his clothes and reached his skin, making him tremble, but rather from cold, he trembled from excitement.

I should thank that bastard. I never knew how fun a battle-ship really is. → Bururiba

A mad smile appeared on Bururiba’s face while flashy lightning struck around them, making the storm even deadlier than it already was and because of the bad weather many smaller ships already left while most of them anchored their ships around the island, trying not to get overturned. Even the other warships were swaying violently while the cruise ship needed Sylvia’s support to not take water, creating a barrier around it against the monstrous waves that crashed on the ship.

On the King’s ship, Shen looked with wide-open eyes at the battle. The rain entered through the iron bars of the cage and shook his weakened body but he felt no cold, he only felt a fire burning in chest, feeling his skin having goosebumps such an amazing sight.

I never expected for a ship-battle to look so spectacular. They fly in the air, crash over each other, make fast maneuvers and dodge the bombardment, all this while trying to repair and cool down the engines, break the boulders and make freeway for the ships, and keep eyes on one another… Makes me remember of those ridiculous ship-fights I had in the bathtub with my toys. Who would’ve thought that crazy unrealistic image in my head will reappear in front of me, this time for real? → Shen

Shen felt like sighing. Then he suddenly saw Bururiba’s ship fly high in the sky and Tian placed on the highest point, on the crows-nest of the ship.

Hm? Why is Tian there with his sword reaching the clouds? Does he wish to reach the lightning?… Eh? → Shen

Shen was dumbfounded. He understood immediately what they wanted to do. A wide smile appeared on his face while his heart started to beat faster.

Crazy! What in the world is Bururiba thinking!? Do they even have something to use as the conductor?! → Shen

“Hm? What are you fretting there for?”

The pirate king saw Shen’s dumbfounded face and asked sternly

“It’s just my first time seeing a ship-battle.” → Shen

Shen answered back, continuing to look at the fight.

“Be sure to look closely. This might be your last! Ahahaha~.”
“As if.” → Shen

Shen answered arrogantly.

“Hoho~? You trust Bururiba that much?”

The pirate king asked with a sly grin.

“Nope.” → Shen

Shen answered instantly with a plain face.

“He barely has any experience in sailing, the fact that he resisted for so long is already commendable.” → Shen


Both Sofia and the idiot king looked at him baffled.

“Then from where comes your confidence?”

The pirate king asked suspiciously.

“I will tell you if I can have a little talk with her.” → Shen

Shen said while pointing his head backward at a slave woman. She was the pirate king’s sex-slave and she wasn’t alone.

“Boahaha~! I won’t give her to you!”
“I didn’t ask for that. Just let me ask her something.” → Shen

The king looked with apathetic eyes at Shen then he gave a command to the woman to get closer. Shen then made her a sign to approach her ear and whispered something in her ear. Her eyes lit up for a moment then she looked at Shen with doubtful eyes.

“Just believe for now and tell the others as well. Now, no questions.” → Shen

The slave didn’t say anything and entered inside the ship on her own.

“What did you say to her?”

The kind asked with a frown but Shen said nothing but grinned. He continued to look at the fight without minding the two.


The idiot king wanted to lash out but was stopped by Sofia.

“Don’t do anything rash. His men are right beside us.” → Sofia

She pointed at the flying war-ship beside them. There, Ashura glared at them, not missing the tiniest movement. When he saw the king rushing at Shen he was ready to take off with a sonic step. His face was dark and ready for battle at any moment.

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What a strong aura. We can’t mess with them yet.

The pirate king felt his back sweating then he calmed down, glancing at Shen with poison.

“We’ll end this later, brat.”

Back to the battle. When Haidao saw Bururiba take flight, he laughed and shouted.

“Idiots! Going for the lightning is the same as suiciding! And showing your bottom to me is even more of a mistake~.”

Haidao made a sinister smile then shouted.

“Fire the air bombardiers!” → Haidao


The keel of the ship was bombarded and pieces of metal and wood started to fall, making hole after hole. The air bombardiers normal cannons but the projectiles had a more dynamic form, piercing the air and penetrating the ship’s keel with incredible power.

“C-Captain! The bottom is wrecked! We won’t be able to land now!”

One dragoon from Bururiba’s crew shouted out after rushing from the basement.

“It’s alright! Try to return fire with the Bombardiers!” → Bururiba

Bururiba knew that the earth bombardiers were much stronger and bigger than the normal cannons, shooting out cannon-balls 4 times bigger than normal.

“Also, try to stab them in the main engines with this harpoon! Every flying war-ship has the main engines in the middle of the ship!” → Bururiba

Bururiba showed to the dragoon who was appointed as the sniper by Tian, the cannon loaded with a harpoon. The harpoon was connected to a chain, unlike the normal ones which were bounded with a thick rope.


Why a chain? And holly! The chain is damn long!

The dragoon was surprised by the huge pile of chain then his mind spun.

Does he want to connect the two ships? Are we going for a raid?

“Don’t ask! You’ll see when the time comes!” → Bururiba

Bururiba saw the confused look of his crew but for now, he only focused on dodging the bombardment and on Tian’s signal; unable to give any explanations for now.

“Hurry! Strike that damn harpoon! If you can’t then ask someone who has a good eye! The rest of you! BACK ON COUNTERING!” → Bururiba
“Aye captain!”

The men returned a counter-attack on Haidao, huge cannon-balls fell like burning stars right on top of his ship. In between the bombardment, the harpoon enchanted with wind element has been shot out and struck through the most guarded rooms inside the ship, going for the engines’ room and stabbing through the intersecting cordons of the engines.

The decks were wrecked and many people died from the barrage atop Haidao’s ship.

“C-Captain! We’re taking water!”

A tiger-man reported with sweat falling down his forehead while looking at Haidao’s mad smile.

“Hahaha~! No problem! That was the last round they got on us! I’ll dodge the rest with no problems.” → Haidao

Haidao activated his engines and rose from atop the sea only for half a meter, sliding atop the sea like a water hoverboard.

I’ll wait for that lightning to strike your engines and make you crash!

“Ahahaha! Now for the final touch! Target the outer engines! Let the curtain fall upon these idiots!”

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