Chapter 282

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Title: Holy Emperor’s Grandson is a Necromancer
Synopsis: Our MC dies from an accidental electrocution and ends up inhabiting the body of a young prince in another world, his new profession being the Necromancer he chose in the game he was playing before his untimely demise. However, things are not what they seem - including his own Necromancy skills!
Tags: Antihero, Firearms, Goddesses, Necromancer, Male Protagonist.
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“If you believe that being alive equates to a sense of self-awareness, then you can call the existence that remained in this building alive, Maru.” the system spoke in its usual chilly voice.

“Why is he not talking back to me, Madame Ais?” Maru said after he stopped trying to engage whatever this entity was with a conversation.

“The spirit may be ignoring you, Maru. Or perhaps it could not anymore hear nor see what’s happening in this physical realm.” the system replied.

“Can you make him see me, Madame Ais?” Maru wondered at this being called a spirit. Was it like those ghastly tales his mother told him in the past? The life story of a horrific apparition!

“Affirmative, Maru.” the system responded.

“BANG!” the vicinity flickered to depict thousands if not an infinite number of permutations on the field. A vast ocean to the ravenous empty maws of the void and an endless mixture of jumbled colors and images.

Until the chaotic heavens give way to a calm yet oppressive atmosphere of total nihility. An absence of hues. A world of white.

“Greetings! This humble servant welcomes you to my modest home esteemed Immortal Goddess!” a sweet melodic voice blessed the ears of Maru.

These words were what he perceived initially before an unbelievable sight graced his vision next.

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A lovely woman bowed swiftly but her posture contained elegance that could only be had with ages of experience.

Even after she stood up with positive attendance and with a graceful smile upon her lips, all Maru could think of was how unreal this woman seemed to be.

He had seen a beauty that could matched her in Lucy but this female was totally different from her late self-proclaimed slave.

While Lucy was silent and subservient, this Lady was caring and outwardly kind.

With no words given and exchanged, Maru could feel the immense love that came for him like boundless torrents from this unknown woman.

“Is this woman using some bewitching technique on me, Madame Ais?” Maru raised his guard up when he remembered his first meeting with his other slave, Fade.

“Negative, Maru. What you see and feel are her natural charisma. This spirit embodies the virtue of self-sacrifice into her dao.

She represents this in her way of life, every action and speech so it is only ordinary for one who stood before her to be lulled in a trance of peace and perhaps even bliss in some cases.” the system answered.

“Okay.” Maru muttered under his breath and returned his gaze back on the woman’s beautiful face.

He had unknowingly looked at her feet a few breaths ago and recalled this exact action to offset the lure of heroines before.

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Maru smiled at the memory.

“Hello! I’m sorry I had to force you to see me. I was just curious about you. I’m Maru. What’s your name?” Maru started.

“………………………….” but only silence returned and no other.

“Is she deaf, Madame Ais?” Maru was solemn after his guess. A woman this pretty should not be impaired at all. It was a great misconduct of the heavens to strike such deficiency on this spirit.

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