Chapter 394

It was fortunate that the manager was strict on keeping a close eye on what was happening on this business.

If not, then the saleslady doubted she would remain untouched by the filthy greasy hands of the recent scoundrels.

But that was beside the point right now. The important fact was that she knew that she would die if she was the one who will bring this information out into the open.

So the saleslady chose to keep mum about it all and hope for the best.

“That would be 20 million gold coins, guest.” she answered the query of this handsome killer.

There was some spare of five thousand seven hundred and three into the mix but she kept policy and discounted the change for such a big spender.

“Here. Take it.” Maru replied without even looking at the saleslady and casually threw a storage ring out.

His mind was millions of miles away from here as he detected the various nuances that was currently happening inside his soul.

“Thank you for your patronage, guest! If there’s nothing else, I’d like to be excused for a few moments. I remembered that I have some urgent work i need to finish for my boss.”

The saleslady responded after she got the ring and did not even bother to inspect its contents.

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She wished to get as far away from this place as she can before the upcoming onslaught would befall upon this place.

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“You can go.” Mistress Ais was the one who answered when Maru was still lost within his own thoughts.

The saleslady walked out of there fast and she almost stumbled on her face during her agile departure.

Her actions looked very funny and if it was in the past, it might have brought an instant smile and a few humorous comments from Maru. But none of that happened at this time.

“He is influencing your actions and emotions.” Mistress Ais whispered a few minutes later.

“Yes. There are a lot of those impulses even now. Dark forbidding wants and wishes. It is trying to corrupt my soul and worm its way by luring my desires out in full.” Maru muttered.

“Do you want me to help?” Mistress Ais offered.

“Not yet. Though I doubt that even you could do much in this case.” Maru shook his head and smiled sadly at one of his women.

He knew that he was going to fight this alone. It was a battle that did not encourage the help of others. Else, Maru would cause the same afflictions down to his fellows.

And that was a result that he did not want to happen to them. This mysterious poison in his soul was a whole nother level of unknown, even for a Unique Immortal like him.

Coming from a Lord of Reality, the future was bleak in unraveling this curse but Maru would fight it out to his last breath.

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