B2 — 14. The System Sheet Pt. 1

The System: During The Oscillation, some force changed people; we transformed from humans to these creatures multiple times within the span of the event, and after the cracks and lights in the sky vanished, so did our humanity.

The System functions in a similar manner to a game; we have different stats, abilities, and it has provided some kind of agent that discloses information that we ask.  However, there seem to be some rules for this knowledge to be delivered.

  1. The questioner must ask specific questions; it must be appropriately worded.
  2. The person must have a desire for the answer; you cannot ask why if you are not really seeking information, but complaining or simply cursing the circumstance.  You must truly desire the answer to be given.
  3. It must be something that you already have obtained; it will not give you information on the possible abilities you can receive but will provide you with answers to what skills you already have.

The Attribute System: Since the change, we’ve all been given different stats that affect our overall performance.  These stats seem to affect our abilities; these are sperate from our Racial Attributes, such as my Lunar Pool and Maria’s Solar Pool, but they are affected by the Attribute System.  Magic forces could play a significant role in this system, as well. The attributes we’ve been able to identify are as followed:

  • Force
      • Power: is an explosive and wilder exercise of force; this is more my style, but I can better position that explosive force with my high dexterity.  This could also mean potential force as Fiona has an extremely high power capacity, but physically she’s extremely weak.

  • Strength: is a slower and more controlled exercise of force.

  • Defense

  • Toughness: is how much damage we can take before our bones are crushed and skin torn.

  • Resilience: is how well we can redirect force; this is likely what Conner utilized with his skills.  He had an ability that used his Resilience attribute and multiplied it by some Passive Skill.

  • Dexterity

  • Speed: is the ability to move the body in one direction as fast as possible.

  • Agility: is the ability to accelerate, decelerate, stabilize, and quickly change directions with proper posture.

  • Quickness: is the ability to react and change body position with a maximum rate of force production.

  • Energy

  • Constitution: is how long we can function consciously.

  • Stamina: is how long we can function physically.  Fiona may be physically weak, but she can operate for an extended period of time with her spells.

  • Endurance: mitigates the use of all our abilities dealing with Stamina and Constitution.

  • Tenacity

  • Elemental Resistances: are much more oriented with Fiona’s abilities.  She has very high elemental type damage. Apparently, the Slime had very high Elemental Resistances that allowed him to tank a lot of her attacks.

  • Physical Resistances: are my bane; if someone has high Physical Resistance, then they can mitigate a lot of my damage.  This seems to be connected with the Defense stat and adds to it. I suspect the Slime would also have high Physical Resistance.

  • Control Resistances: would be something we’d need against Relica.  This has to do with stuns, charms, and other status effects.

  • Penetration: is a stat that helps bypass resistances.

Types of Effects: we’ve been able to identify.

  • Charms: Maria said the kids were affected by a magical charm spell that she could remove, indicating that there may be other types of charm spells other than magical. 

  • Enrage: Fiona was affected by an Enrage Skill that could be seen as a debuff or buff as it had positive and negative aspects to it.

  • Paralysis: Scarlet was paralyzed by some kind of magical status effect trap that Relica set up; it was clearly magical since her scythe’s Proficiency Skill was able to dispel it.

The Advancement System: It’s clear after some digging that we each can advance within our abilities.  There are two sub-systems at play, the Leveling System and the Proficiency System.  However, the Proficiency System is restricted by the Leveling System; you cannot upgrade the proficiencies beyond a certain point without leveling up a skill to a certain point.  

    • The Leveling System: works by investing points into it; points are gained through obtaining Experience Points.
    • Experience Points: these points seem to be obtainable through combat.  It is unclear if there are other ways to obtain them, but we know the points themselves are earned through battle and likely killing.
    • The Proficiency System: has nothing to do with experience points, and appears to function on its own internal type of experience points.  It is attached to every ability and increases based on the use an ability gets. If used a lot, then it will increase faster.  You have two parts to the Proficiency System, Grades, and Ranks. The earlier Grades and Ranks seem to be easier to level, but it gets more and more difficult as they rise.

  • Grades: Grades are the more substantial part of the Proficiency System; so far, we’re only aware of two Grades, Novice and Rookie.  Novice is the beginning grade that can be upgraded to Rookie if an ability has been leveled to five; otherwise, it will be locked at Rookie.

  • Ranks: operate in numbers of ten, from what we’ve observed.  To upgrade a skill from Novice to Rookie, we must continue to rank it up by using it.  When an ability reaches Rank Ten, then it will level up to the next Grade, obtaining a Proficiency Skill.

  • Proficiency Skills: are skills that are attached to an ability that has reached the Rank Ten of the current Grade.  It’s clear that these skills go up when each grade is maxed; for instance, if Scarlet maxed a Rookie Grade, then it would make the Proficiency Skill Lv. 2.

Achievement System: is relatively unknown to us; only Scarlet and Maria seem to have achievements at the moment, but Relica said it was the only means to counter the snowball effect of the battle experience system.  Maria having more points than me seems to prove that since she didn’t fight at all, but we don’t know if healing can also give experience points toward the Level Advancement System.

The Tree System: appears to function in a variety of different ways, and there are many different branches within it.  They could be considered skills, talents, spells, abilities, but they all have some kind of power attached to them.  Fiona proposed this thought:

    • Trees: are our base, they function as the roots of all our abilities, and they seem to extend into multiple branches, such as Fiona’s different Elemental Branches.
    • Branches: operate in a tier list that chains to different abilities and can branch into smaller branches that house leaves.

  • Leaves: are individual abilities that are a part of Cluster Sets or abilities that all fall under a particular skill.

  • Cluster Sets: are abilities that fall under a parent skill; they appear to require the mother skill to be a certain level to continue leveling the branching skills.  It’s like a single skill that chains into multiple paths.

  • Chain Skills: are skills that upgrade to stronger spells if advanced in a sequence.  Chain Skills can be in Cluster Sets.

  • Link Skills: are abilities that can bridge to create something stronger, combining skills.

  • Racial Skills: are skills that are given to us based on our Race; they’re naturally given, and we don’t know what will happen if we level them up.

  • Stock Skills: charge depending on certain criteria, and usually have a maximum capacity.

  • Channeling Skills: are abilities that may take time to complete.  If it is interrupted, then you’ll be out of your energy and the ability won’t be activated.

  • Charging Skills: differ from channeling in that they don’t need to complete their cast to activate.  If you wish to get the full effects, then you should wait, but it can be shot off at any time; however, it will cost the same base amount, and are usually a lot more costly than other types of abilities.

  • Sub Effects: are additions that appear to be gained upon leveling up skills.

  • Aura Skills: activate in a globe around the caster and affect everyone, friend and foe alike.

  • States: seem to be in a class of their own.  These forms are less of a skill and more of a literal change that comes over us.  Currently, only Scarlet and Fiona appear to have them.

Types of Activations:

  • Active: skills are the standard self-activated spell that requires your desire to use.

  • Passive: skills are always in effect.

  • Reactive: skills are only in effect if certain criteria are met; this is the type to highlight since it is connected to a particular event.

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The Oscillation Changed: There are three categories that we can be; we are all the Mythickin Type, but we have different Races and Kinds.  Scarlet is a Mythickin Type, Reaper Race, and Vespertine Kind.

The Oscillation Types:

  • Beastkin: are people that changed to represent some kind of animal or creature.

  • Champions: are people that look like humans, but have their own skill trees.  Relica mentioned a few types, but we don’t know much about them:

      • Fighters
      • Espers
      • Mages

  • Aberationkin: are people like the Slime and possibly the demon-girls I saw at the hospital.

  • Faekin: Relica mentioned these types of people, and Maria said she saw elves and giants that might be a part of this branch.

  • Legendkin: are people that changed to represent some kind of legendary figure.

  • Mythickin: are people that changed to represent some kind of mythical creatures.

Psyche Change:  It’s clear that our minds have been affected by this change.  We’re a lot more capable of causing physical actions than we would have been as humans.  We’re more detached from our humanity than we initially thought. Our minds have definitely changed.

Overall: It appears several systems function together and against each other.  These systems are:

    1. Character System: determines many aspects to our base characters (Fiona and Scarlet keep calling us Characters like in a video game).
      1. Types seem to determine what pool of Races we’re selected to have; selected might not be the best word, though, since we don’t know if there were people determining which person would be changed.
      2. Races give us certain resistances, weaknesses, and skills.
      3. Kinds appear to further centralize us into that specific field, driving us to concentrate on a particular path.  Lunar for me, Vespertine for Scarlet (none of us know what this word actually means), Prismatic for Fiona, and Maria told us that she’s actually a Sunlit Unicorn, showing that she too has a Kind.
    2. Stat System: is similar to games (according to Fiona and Scarlet), and that we each receive points that we can put into each category.  However, this seems to be focused on our actions more than desires (based on each of our current stat distribution), and it doesn’t show us the exact numbers, but what is higher or lower; we don’t know if that’s in comparison to an average across every Type/Race/Kind, in contrast to our stat distribution, or if The System has its own internal identification as to what is low or high.

  • Achievement System: is centered around feats that grant you certain things.  So far, there are only a few things that we’ve been able to determine:
    1. Skills related to achievements, such as Relica’s mind control spell.
    2. Experience points toward at least the Leveling System but could be connected to every other System.
    3. This is probably the least understood area of The System for us.
  1. Ability System: is a bit more complicated; we have trees and branches, but Relica had multiple Trees, while only Scarlet seems to have more than one Tree (having two; Scarlet and Reaper Trees).  It could be that Legendkin have more than one Tree while Mythickin have one, but that doesn’t account for Scarlet’s multiple Trees. We’ll have to work more on this problem. Skills are broken into several categories:
    1. Trees that give weaknesses and strengths.
    2. Base Skills that are given to the person from the start.
    3. Branches that center around a particular style of skills.
    4. Cluster Sets that have multiple Chain and Link skills inside of them.
    5. Chain Skills that don’t necessarily work together, but are upgrades to the previous skill.
    6. Link Skills that link together or function together.
  2. Points System: Based on the experience we get in each category, there appear to be points that are built in each area.  It won’t tell us how many points we have, but by testing out our desires on leveling a skill, it shows us that we have none left; of course, that could also mean we don’t have the requirement to put the points into that skill yet.  So far, we’ve identified:
    1. Stat Points
    2. Skill points

Rachel; Lunar Hare: are Lunar Elemental type based; most of my attacks deal Lunar and Physical damage.

    • Stats:  

  • Force
        • Power: High

  • Strength: Below Average

  • Defense

  • Toughness: Above Average

  • Resilience: Below Average

  • Dexterity

  • Speed: Very High

  • Agility: Very High

  • Quickness: Very High

  • Energy

  • Constitution: High

  • Stamina: Average

  • Endurance: Below Average

  • Tenacity

  • Elemental Resistances: Above Average, excluding Solar Resistance that is Below Average

  • Physical Resistances: Above Average

  • Control Resistances: Average

  • Penetration: Average

  • Type Abilities: appear to be linked to being a Beastkin or Mythickin, and these abilities are the same across the Types.

  • True Sight: Passive, Level Two, Novice, Rank Three; is the ability that allows Mythickin to see past illusion abilities.  We were able to see past one of the kid’s illusions without even noticing a spell being used.

    • Base Lunar Tree Skills:

  • Base Hearing: Cluster Set; Level Eight, Rookie Grade, Rank Four

  • Filter: Passive, Level Three, Novice, Rank Five; that lets me filter between sounds.

  • Volume: Passive, Level Five, Rookie Grade, Rank Zero; that allows me to alter the levels of conversations and my immediate surroundings.

  • Ear To The Ground: Passive Proficiency Skill; lets me hear minute sounds in my environment, such as muscle movement, but only works within three hundred feet and fades the further the sound is within that radius.

  • Range: Passive; Level Five, Novice, Rank Nine; increases the distance I can monitor sound.

  • Base Vision: Cluster Set; Level Six, Rookie, Rank One

  • Focus Sight: Passive; Level Four, Novice, Rank Eight; makes my entire field of vision come into focus.  This allows me to run fast while seeing where I must run.

  • Motion Tracking: Passive; Level Two, Novice, Rank Three; helps me predict to a small degree where the kinetic motion of objects will move.

  • Base Smell: Passive, Level Two, Novice, Rank Nine; I can certainly smell a lot more unique things, but I might have to delve into it more if I’m going to be a bloodhound.

  • Lunar Racials:

  • Lunar Pool: Passive, Level Eight, Rookie, Rank Two; is a racial energy source that is affected by my Endurance Stat.  I don’t know if I should put this in Skills or Attributes but put it here for the moment. It apparently makes me glow faint white with how full it is.

  • Lunar Cap: Reactive, Level One, Novice, Rank One; gives me an extra ten percent boost to my stats when my Lunar Pool is full.

  • Lunar Hair: Passive, Level Five, Novice, Rank Ten; I suppose even Rank Ten must reach its maxed point before going to the next Grade.  This deals with my defense and protects my back. What kind of Proficiency Skill would be gained from this, if any?

  • Lunar Empowerment: Reactive, Level Five, Rookie, Rank One; multiplies my Stats with Lunar Energy.  It does not recover my Stamina, only increasing the Pool Size.

            • As a consequence, it reduces my stats in sunlight.

  • Lunar Deadening: Reactive Proficiency Skill; masks physical pain under moonlight.

  • Lunar Pride: Passive, One, Novice, Rank Ten; this racial affects my emotions more than my actual thoughts.  It is powerful enough to break past Emotional Detachment. I’m not clear on the exact moral code it functions, but from the questions asked, this is what I’ve been able to discover so far:

          • Friends: I’m supposed to treat my friends with respect, which doesn’t mean I can’t tease or make fun of them, but I’m not to betray or harm them.  This could involve me manipulating them, even if it’s to help us in a situation. I’m not supposed to dishonor them.
          • Enemies: If an enemy shows me respect, then I should show them the proper amount in reciprocal, but if they do not show me respect first, then I have no obligation to show them any.  Conner telling me his Race was a show of honor, and I needed to return that.

  • Challenges: I appear to be driven toward conflict and enjoy odds to overcome, but that seems to be limited to a certain degree.  I did feel that drive fade when placed in an impossible situation, such as with Tom and the information he had. I lost everything, no matter what I did, and it was my own shortsighted behavior that landed me there; that in itself stung.  I was careless, which also put my friends in danger.

  • Winning: I’m pulled toward winning; when Daran and Marcus got away, I felt like I’d lost that battle, but I was determined to win the war.

  • Hiding: There’s something about being a Lunar Hare that makes me not want to hide from my enemies.  I can sneak around to get around hindrances, such as avoiding the military. However, I didn’t want to run around Terrell’s men to get to him but run right through the center.  I even chose to be the decoy, choosing to be on the frontline. I don’t want to hide, but stand under the moon and face my foes head-on.

  • Lunar Burst: Active, Level One, Novice, Rank Zero; is a Skill that utilizes my Lunar Energy into a Lunar Elemental and Physical blow that can be multiplied based on the energy used.  However, it does not stack with my Power Attribute, meaning it would be my normal punch, with another blow of Lunar Elemental damage that is separate from the initial strike.  Basically, getting hit by a weak and strong punch at the same time or two different people punching something. The elemental damage might have worked on Conner if I’d have known about the ability.

        • Lunar Damage is multiplied by Lunar Energy used.
        • Physical Damage does not get any multiplier from the energy but would be empowered by Lunar Empowerment if I’m in moonlight.

  • Cerridwen Branch: Probably some other deity that is connected to something with the moon.
    • Mental Acceleration:  Active, Level Five, Rookie, Rank Two; is the skill that allows me to think at a much quicker rate than is normal.  Without this skill in conjunction with my expanded sight, my accelerated speed would be almost useless; I’d be running into everything.  It’s linked to my Constitution Pool, though.
    • Risk Assessment: Reactive, Level Five, Rookie, Rank Two; helps me handle direct threats during stressful situations, but I don’t know how effective it is at countering Lunar Pride.

  • Emotional Detachment: Active Proficiency Skill; helps with separating from my emotions, but as I’ve recently experienced, it’s not perfect.  Perhaps I can gain a stronger version if I keep upgrading Risk Assessment.

  • Strategic Mind: Reactive Chain Skill Lv. 2, Level Three, Novice, Rank One; helps me move toward the desired goal, keeping my mind working to resolve the problems in my path to achieving that objective.  It might even work in conjunction with Lunar Pride; it could have been functioning with my goal to get back at Daran and Marcus. Everything I did was centered on killing them.

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  • Wenet’s Branch

  • Wenet’s Minor Protection:  Active, Level Four, Novice, Rank Two; is a coat made of moonlight that protects me, absorbing 30% of incoming damage.  However, it also requires a large amount of my Lunar Energy; while in the light of a 3/4th lunar phase, it seems it’s completely sustainable.

  • Chang’e Branch
  • Lunar Step: Active, Level Three, Novice, Rank One; while in moonlight I can use this skill to create two small transparent disk-like shapes that I can use as steps to launch from; however, the second step must be done within three seconds of the first, and it has a forty-five second cooldown.  It is incredibly sturdy, and I can use my full force with it.

Total Skill Points Used: 78

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