Chapter 818 – Am I cool?

Even when Ji Mo Ya rejected a marriage agreement with Bai Li Zi Xi, it was done implicitly, she was still able to act as though she did not know of the arrangement in the first place.

Even Shang Qiu Meng Qian gave Bai Li Zi Xi some face when they had first met, but ever since the former met Huan Qing Yan that bitch, he had never given her any face and kept making things difficult for Bai Li Zi Xi.

Whenever she had these thoughts, Bai Li Zi Xi could not help but grit her teeth; she would never let Huan Qing Yan that bitch off!

Shang Qiu Meng Qian was being unpredictable and not showing her any generosity, this caused a sharp minded person like Bai Li Zi Xi to be out of ideas as well.

When she saw the Sandman launching another attack, Bai Li Zi Xi tried to circulate her spirit energy which caused her to feel a sharp pain on her chest, causing the spirit energy gathered to dissipate. She could only helplessly watch as the Sandman threw a heavy strike at her.

Her vision blurred before a figure flash pass, reducing more than half the power of the Sandman’s attack and the remnant force still landed on Bai Li Zi Xi’s chest. Bai Li Zi Xi took several steps back before half kneeling on the ground as her legs buckled.

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Before she could focus her attention, she heard Shang Qiu Meng Qian’s voice, “For the sake of the Holy Court, this young master will reluctantly save you this one time. However, the Saintess’s great gesture has truly opened the eyes of this young master.”

Only then did Bai Li Zi Xi noticed that her posture of half kneeling looked as though she was kneeling for Shang Qiu Meng Qian.

Bai Li Zi Xi’s face turned red as hate and anger welled up within her and she lowered her head to hide her killing intent.

She was currently in a disadvantageous position so she could only endure.

Bai Li Zi Xi focused on controlling the pain in her chest; she ignored Shang Qiu Meng Qian’s mocking and calmed her heart to adjust her condition.

Since Shang Qiu Meng Qian had acted to save her, she would naturally not have to worry anymore. Bai Li Zi Xi used the opportunity to quickly recover herself.

By the time Huan Qing Yan had completely defeated the Sandman, she noticed that Ji Mo Ya had been guarding her for some time.

Seeing that she had dissipated the Sandman, his eyes were filled with praise for her.

Huan Qing Yan went up and pulled Ji Mo Ya’s hand, “Do I look cool just now.”

Ji Mo Ya held his laugh and nodded.

When he heard a mild explosion, he looked up and saw that the Sandman in front of Snow Girl was frozen in ice before it shattered into dust.

Snow Girl glanced at Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan before lightly nodding at them.

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The pair slowly walked over, the number of people who were able to completely destroy the Sandman increased as time went by. When they saw that Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan were heading towards the Snow Girl, they tagged along behind as well.

Huan Qing Yan checked her surroundings and noticed a familiar face, Nan Gong Bei Cheng.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng’s expression was slightly dark as he looked at Ji Mo Ya; he shifted his gaze downwards and saw that Ji Mo Ya was holding hands with Huan Qing Yan. A flash of pain appeared in his eyes before he quickly shifted his gaze away.

When he met Huan Qing Yan’s face, he also calmly shifted his gaze away from her as well.

Huan Qing Yan was feeling rather helpless about it. She turned her head and saw Bai Cheng Feng’s burning, pained and slightly envious eyes.

These were burdensome for Huan Qing Yan, she became worried that Ji Mo Ya might get angry which would land her in trouble again.

She decisively avoided Bai Cheng Feng’s burning gaze.

This faint movement was caught by Ji Mo Ya, he lowered his head and saw the unnatural expression on the Huan Qing Yan’s face.

He swept his gaze and saw Nan Gong Bei Cheng and Bai Cheng Feng.

The two of them were looking at him with unfriendly gazes.

Ji Mo Ya’s hand tightened, causing Huan Qing Yan to feel a slight pain coming from her hand.

Huan Qing Yan immediately gave an apple-polishing smile to Ji Mo Ya.

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