Chapter 40: Fire Element Master Archmage

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The reason why Long Yi was disappointed was not because the people of both sides were not trying their best, on the contrary, they were going all out regardless of the danger to their life. The magicians on both sides were jointly firing their magic attacks at the barrier at the other party. Magnificent looking magic spells were exploding like fireworks on the barrier of each side. The momentum of each side was really great, but even after firing at each other for a long time, there still haven’t been a single casualty. As a result, the battle between both sides did not seem exciting to the bystanders.

Right now, this battle consisting of thousands of people on both sides resembled a fireworks party instead of a bloody conflict., However the power behind the magic spells were really impressive, if a single word was used to describe the magic spells used by the two parties it would be ‘formidable’. Long Yi and his group had already retreated again and again. Currently, the ground surrounding the barrier had been blasted into oblivion, with bumps and hollow craters everywhere. The after effect of magic also caused the blood and qi of spectators to roll over and over.

The sky gradually darkened, the crescent moon mischievously emerged from the clouds. In the dim light of night, the impressive magic spells looked even more magnificent as they lit up the darkness.
“When are they going to stop playing around? Watching this, this bull almost fell asleep.” Barbarian Bull droned. He was already somewhat restless.

“What’s the rush? The show is just about to start.” Long Yi said with a smile. He discovered that the barrier of both sides had already begun to fluctuate, clearly indicating that it was almost at its limit.

Sure enough, a little while after Long Yi finished speaking, the magic barrier of both side violently swayed. After the barriers shook, the barriers of both side disappeared at the same time. As soon as the barrier fell, the magicians of both sides simultaneously began launching widespread attacking magic, and the fighters who arrived to help rushed towards the other side just like cruel beasts who spotted their prey. It was common knowledge that the close combat ability of magicians were almost negligible. So if fighters and magicians fought at close range, the fighters would slaughter magicians as easily as they would kill chickens.

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When the melee battle truly began, horrible shrieks rose one after another. Meteors showers and hailstones started to rain down from the sky, earth thorns began to grow from the grounds; fissures started to appear on the ground, pure white holy light illuminated the night sky and so on. This confrontation cause both sides to suffer heavy losses, the horrible shrieks never stopped. Horrible scenes of people being roasted into charcoal, being frozen into popsicles, even being turned into meat skewers by the earth thorns were visible throughout the whole battlefield.

Long Yi and his group were dumbstruck watching this devastating and chaotic war between magicians. Just a moment ago, he was feeling disappointed, however, that feeling of disappointment turned to dread as he felt that the power of thousands of magicians battling was too immense.

“Be careful, quickly retreat.” Long Yi warned as he saw a meteor shower raining towards them.

Just when all four of them were about to retreat, the ground suddenly shook violently, and all four of them lost their balance and fell to the ground. As huge cracks in the ground were spreading towards them, the meteor shower had already reached them.

Long Yi cursed inside his heart: “Turns out curiosity not only kills the cat, it also kills humans…”

“Barbarian Bull, protect them.” Long Yi immediately commanded before he took out a huge sword from inside his space ring. As he brandished his huge sword, he swept towards the falling meteors.Ding ding dang dang, the falling meteor shower was split open. Barbarian bull also took out his weapon, a super mace, and swung it at the rain of fire, which caused the fire to scatter in different directions.

Long Yi’s group was lucky, as the fissures stopped before it reached them. The only trouble they faced was the meteor shower which was sudden and unexpected. Luckily for them, the four of them remained uninjured and were merely placed in a slightly dangerous situation. Unlike the other onlookers who were not as lucky as them, as many of them were killed or seriously injured by the chaotic magic spells which flew about.

“Long Yi, we should leave.” Lu Xiya said with a lingering fear in her heart.

Long Yi nodded his head and said: “I agree, it’s too dangerous here, we should withdraw.”

At this time, Long Yi felt sluggish, and the air around seemed frozen. Magic spells which were casted in the area suddenly lost their power and vanished.

“Ah, the magic element around have been completely sucked out.” Leng Youyou suddenly exclaimed in extreme surprise.

Long Yi released his spirit power. Sure enough, not a single bit of magic element was left in the area they were in.

“What is going on here?” Long Yi doubtfully asked.

There is only one possibility, someone meddled in.” Leng Youyou replied.
“Who could be powerful enough to stop every spell in an area?” Long Yi exclaimed.

“Should be one of the 5 Master Archmage. As for who, you’ll know right away.” Leng Youyou answered.

Just after Leng Youyou spoke, a red figure flashed through the sky. Wearing an extremely gorgeous fiery red magic robe, an old man who had fiery red hair and beard appeared on the battlefield of the Proud Moon Magician Guild and Nalan magician guild. Seeing his magic robe’s fine decorative pattern, one would know that he is really a Master Archmage.
““Fire element Master Archmage PuXiusi.”” Leng Youyou and Lu Xiya simultaneously exclaimed.
“PuXiusi?” Long Yi asked a very stupid question. Even Barbarian Bull looked at him like he came from a cave in the mountains. As if now knowing PuXiusi’s name was a heinous crime.

Long Yi made a wry smile. Searching his memories, he indeed vaguely recalled a person with such a name. But the blame cannot be put on Long Yi, rather, the ignorant and incompetent Ximen Yu should be blamed for this. With the exception of women, everything else was very vague in the memory of this boy.

PuXiusi looked at the miserable outcome of the battle and the blue veins on his forehead couldn’t help but start twitching. The number of casualties on both sides exceeded 100 people. Among the casualties, there were no lack of Master Magicians. He himself did not come from the Proud Moon Empire or the Nalan Empire, neither was he from the Violent Dragon Empire. Rather, he came from the small country of Mea Principality, which had a population of less than a million. However, due to his reputation of a Master Archmage, the three countries around Mea Principality, including the three big empires were very courteous to his small country.

“This is the matter between the magician guilds of your two countries, so I don’t have jurisdiction over it. But the problem here is that you have disturbed the peace in my area. Now, all of you get lost, if you continue your battle and cause further trouble, don’t blame me for being inpolite.” PuXiusi said loftily.

Hearing PuXiusi, not even one among more than the thousands of people present below dared to rebut. All of them quietly began to clear away their companions’ corpse. In their eyes, a Master Archmage was a supreme existence. The absolute majority of people had joined such a large-scale battle between magicians for the first time, Which resulted in many cries of pain from losing their companions.

Watching slowly dispersing crowds, PuXiusi sighed and said while shaking his head: “Seems like the Blue Waves Continent’s peaceful days are over.”

PuXiusi knew that this large-scale war between the two countries’ guilds would definitely strain the relation between these two countries by a great degree. Magicians were very scarce to begin with, and it is not easy to raise magicians. Now, with so many magicians of the two country falling in this battle, it is inevitable for the relations between the two country to remain the same.

Just when PuXiusi was about to leave, he suddenly sensed an unusual gaze on himself. As he instinctively turned around, he managed to catch a glance of a handsome youngster in the distance unscrupulously sizing him up with a face full of curiousity.

PuXiusi couldn’t help but become amazed. He knew that with his identity, even the emperors of three big Empire would look at him with extreme respect. He wanted to test this youngster who felt no fear nor awe when looking at him, so he congealed his spirit power and fired two streams of essences towards Long Yi.
Long Yi’s eyes merely flashed as he continued staring at PuXiusi. Sensing that the kid refused to yield to him, Pu Xiusi couldn’t help but let out a surprised cry “what a good seedling!’

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