Ch 002. The most poisonous woman’s heart

2. The most poisonous woman’s heart (1

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“Liu Ye…” Mu Ling got up from the bed and called her dowry girl’s name. After calling it, she suddenly remembered that she had sent Liu Ye away two days ago, and that girl followed her dozens of times. She can’t let her old and live a restless life.

After finding another girl to serve her and groom herself, Mu Ling slowly walked into the small Buddhist hall not far away. She started chanting Buddha since she was infertile, and now she has been chanting for decades. The people outside are all know. The granddaughter who was raised under her knee passed away two months ago. The old General Wei also died of a sudden illness not long ago, she kept “chanting” the scriptures every day. Don’t need to be served.

Of course, this was for outsiders to see. In fact, after entering the Buddhist hall this time, she did not recite a word of Buddha, but just took out some medicinal materials and a few stones from the hollow Buddha statue.

When she was young, she was naive, read a lot of miscellaneous books, and was interested in studying medicine for a while. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for her to get married, so she only learned a little until her child was gone.

She didn’t want to leave everything in the Wei family to her enemy’s son, so although the doctor said that she could not give birth, she still went to Zhuangzi in the suburbs of Beijing to recuperate and found a doctor to treat herself, and at the same time began to study medicine.

Her parents dote on her very much, and the servants they give are very loyal. She also knows how to win over people, so she went to her dowry, Zhuangzi, to study medicine and play with herbs. This body has allowed her to learn for decades unknowingly. Although she has no experience and cannot become a divine doctor but she knows a lot of medicine and poison.

She used all this knowledge on the Wei family.

Wei Yuankai’s health was good at first, but there were some old problems of elderly people. She secretly changed the medicine he took from time to time, and let the kitchen cook dishes with heavy oil and salt, which made him more and more serious. Later, she After Qiu’er died, she first gave him a stroke with a powerful medicine, and finally put wet paper on the man’s face layer by layer, suffocating him.

In the past, she was worried that without Wei Yuankai, Wei Jingyao, who had secretly recognized her mother, would be bad for her granddaughter, so she kept this person. Now that her granddaughter is dead, what should she worry about? If she doesn’t do anything at this time, she will definitely drive herself crazy!

Speaking of which, Wei Yuankai’s unbelievable appearance when he died really made her feel happy. This man was conceited all his life, he only regarded her as a dependant, never took her seriously, and finally died at her hands, absolutely. It’s a great irony.

Wei Yuankai was already dead, so it was the other people’s turn.

Slowly grinding the powder from a stone, and after grinding a whole pack, Mu Ling took the powder and came to the outside of the Buddhist hall, where a woman with a centipede-like scar on her face was already waiting.

She is in her fifties, and her hatred of the Wei family has been buried for more than 30 years. During these years, she has rescued the enemies of the Wei family or the enemies of the Pingyang county master one after another. Among them, the useful ones were sent to the mansion, and the woman in front of him was the enemy of the Pingyang County Lord.

Since the Princess of Pingyang can rob people of marriage, it shows that she is not a good person. In fact, when she was young, she once forced to death an eldest lady who accidentally stole her limelight.

Although the eldest lady was not more noble than the Princess of Pingyang, she was beautiful and gentle, and she was very respected. The Princess of Pingyang was jealous of her, and finally asked a playboy to molest her, and it was rumored that she had something to do with the lady. All kinds of unbearable rumors…

The young lady was divorced because of “losing her virginity”, and was locked up by her furious father, who was not allowed to give food and drink. It didn’t take long for the fragrance to disappear, and the girl beside her was also kicked out and one of them is the woman in front of him.

Mu Ling went to find someone after the Pingyang County Lord and Wei Jingyao had hooked up. This woman, who would have married the steward before the young lady got married, had already been sold into a brothel and was humiliated. She hated the Pingyang County Lord even more. After all, Mu Ling has asked her to do many things in her hands.

“This time is not the same as before,” said the woman with a scar on her face.

“Of course it’s different, it’s different now.” Mu Ling’s eyes fell on a peach tree not far away, and his voice was almost inaudible.

The peaches from that peach tree are very sour. Only when they are fully ripe, they can barely be eaten. However, because they are low and forked early, they are suitable for climbing. Her Qiuer likes to climb up and sit. After the peaches were born , she didn’t have a long memory and wanted to eat them before they were ripe … Last year, when the peach tree was fully ripe, the child picked up half a basket of peaches under the tree, and then picked out the picture of the ones without insect eyes for her to eat. It is still vivid in my eyes, now the peach blossoms are in full bloom again, but the child is no longer there.

The scarred woman laughed “hehe” and let out a creepy laugh, and after laughing, she suddenly said, “The young master wants to go outside to play, but was detained by the county master, and now he is in the garden making a mess with bad temper, the people around him even asked the kitchen to bring him snacks.”

“Give him more food.” Mu Ling said. After this woman was brought back by her, she set fire in the kitchen at first, and then slowly began to get in touch with some things in the kitchen, and she also relied on this woman to secretly drug Wei Jingyao so that he could no longer conceive.

It is very troublesome to do that, because taking too much poisonous medicine will make people feel uncomfortable, and once Wei Jingyao asks an imperial doctor to look at it, maybe he will find clues, and if he eats less, it will not be effective… What’s more, This kind of poison that quietly incapacitates a certain part of its function has to be eaten for a long time to be effective. Fortunately, Wei Jingyao had two children, and the Pingyang County Lord did not allow him to get close to other women. Therefore, in the past few years, the Pingyang County Lord had never been pregnant, and no one suspected that Wei Jingyao should not eat it. After a few years, then Even the imperial doctor can’t find anything.

It’s just now that she regrets that she was too careful in the past. If she had known today, she would have poisoned the entire Wei family to death!

But this is just a thought. She had too many worries at that time, and naturally she couldn’t do everything.

The woman with the scar left quickly, but Mu Ling turned around and went back to the Buddhist hall, and then moved a wooden Bodhisattva in the corner of the hall to reveal a door. When she opened the door and went out, she was already beside the rockery in the garden. behind the bushes.

This door was reserved when she was building a Buddhist hall. At first, she said it was for easy entry and exit, but then she got a Buddha statue and blocked the door, and gradually others forgot the existence of this door.

The Wei Mansion’s garden is very large, with pavilions, pavilions, rockeries and ponds, and there are many places to hide people. Mu Ling stood behind the rockery and quietly looked at the young man by the pond not far away, his eyes almost bursting with fire Come.

The Princess of Pingyang is the eldest daughter of King Zhao, and is deeply loved by King Zhao. There are many capable people around her. She used to worry a lot, so she didn’t dare to start with her and her child, but now she doesn’t care about anything.

Of course, she still retains some sense – she has too many enemies.

The young man by the river is named Wei Ting, who is a year younger than her Qiu’er, who is only thirteen this year, but he is tall and tall, a head taller than Qiu’er, who is weak and mentally stunted. Lost his temper: “Isn’t that a fool who died? My mother didn’t let me go out for the past two months, and those people outside even dared to arrange me! Grandfather’s health has long been bad, and I have to lock me again. What does it matter?”

Mu Ling knew a little bit about the situation outside, Wei Ting was the only child of the Pingyang County Lord and Wei Jingyao, and he was naturally arrogant and domineering under the doting, but he was just said a few words before. Recently, there have been many rumors that he killed his sister and pissed off his grandfather, and finally the Princess Pingyang had to keep him at home.

Those rumors were naturally also related to Mu Ling.

She is just an old lady, old and frail, and she doesn’t want to harm the people around her and dare not let others know her plans. Naturally, she has to find a way to keep her enemies at home to find a chance to take revenge.

Wei Ting still despised her dead sister: “That girl is just a fool, raised by a little woman, what’s the big deal if she dies? She made me be laughed outside, and she should have died a long time ago!” He scolded very excitedly, and the servant beside him kept responding.

Those words that Mu Ling heard were not real, but they were enough to make her angry. In the end, she could only slowly calm down with the scriptures on her back, and then her eyes firmly locked on the boy by the pond.

Her Qiuer had little contact with this younger brother, but she liked this younger brother very much. She often told her that her younger brother was very powerful. Every time Wei Ting came to say goodbye to her, Qiuer would even give her baby to this person—that girl who is despised as a fool doesn’t understand many things.

She only shows kindness to others and is full of joy because of a small response from her parents or younger brother… Qiu’er is really stupid, but it takes Wei’s life to raise her. Not much money, why kill her? As for what to say about being afraid of being talked about… Anyone who knows the mess of the Pingyang County Lord outside, who is not very sympathetic to Qiu’er, who has hurt her brain because of her mother’s dystocia?

Wei Ting stopped scolding for a while, lying on the reclining chair drowsy. Mu Ling knew that he had eaten a snack with a sleeping effect.

She has given this person several times, but unfortunately she has never been able to find a chance to do it before… Now this person is staying in a place that is very in line with her wishes, and I don’t know if she can get what she wants.

The young man in the pavilion by the pond suddenly fell asleep, which made the two servants a little worried. One of them left soon, and he should have gone to get the brazier, but the other was still by his side.

Wei Ting frowned slightly when she saw this, but that at this moment, the servant who left first came back, and extended his hand to greet the servant who stayed by the boy’s side.

The boy in the pavilion observed the boy and ran towards the previous boy.

Seeing this, Mu Ling walked out from behind the rockery without hesitation, pushed the boy and the lounge chair he was sitting on into the pond, and left quickly.

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