Chapter 131: I received a surprise attack at the last moment.

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I finally remembered the incident that happened to me when I was a grade schooler. After that, many things happened after that so I totally forgot about it. I wonder how did I end up forgetting about such a paranormal incident. I didn’t expect that voice to be Ouka’s, honestly. Now I know coincidences are really amazing. I was a little moved from recalling a part of my childhood, but not as Ouka, who suddenly started shedding tears.

Eh? W-Why is she crying?

I got a little flustered from Ouka’s crying and my eyes averted from her.

“W-What’s wrong??”
“Ah, you made her cry.”

Karen looking at me with painfully cold eyes. I didn’t have any composure to argue with her at that time and was about to fall into a panic condition until Ouka kneeled down in front of me while still shedding tears.

“I finally met you again, my savior.”

Why did her attitude change all of a sudden?

My bewilderment reached its utmost, but Ouka didn’t give it a mind and continued.

“Thank you very much for saving me that time.”
“D-don’t think much of it. I’m glad I could save you back then.”
“I have never forgotten about that one person who saved me without hesitation after I heavily injured my leg from an unforeseen accident and because of that handkerchief, I was able to take emergency measures and thus survive.”

Ouka bowed down her head as she praised me for what happened in the past. This is too much. Things have got too intense all of a sudden. I didn’t want to end up in this situation when I saved her as a kid.

“After that, I wanted to meet you again, but the previous chief found out that I met with a human and restricted me from meeting you again. Forgive my inexcusable miss.”
“Umm, no, it’s fine…”
“About the wish, I promised to grant you that time.”
“Ah, that wish. I don’t really mind if you don’t grant it. It was something that I said as a kid, after all.”
“I can not do that. A favor should always be returned, so—”

Ouka halted her words and lifted her head. Her face was no longer crying and she had a serious experience on her face.

“Yato-sama, please let me return this favor by allowing me to stay by your side.”
“By my side?”

I asked back again after hearing her unexpected request.

“You mean you want to come with me?”
“That would be the case normally, however, I can not do that as I have my children in this shrine.”

Ouka shifted her sight to the little foxes next to her while still kneeling. The little foxes didn’t have any clue about the situation. Some of them were tilting their head and trying to follow the conversation and other were playing around freely. Apparently, she can’t leave these foxes alone.

“Then what are you going to do?”
“As you can teleport to this place from anywhere you want, please come to me anytime you need my help.”

So she says that she will help me anytime I come and ask her. That’s not a bad proposal, but…

“You don’t really have to do anything. I’m fine, you know.”
“I do not mind. I will be by your side until I return your favor.”

It doesn’t look like she is planning to retreat. She kept making the same serious face while looking at me hesitating. It somehow feels as if I’m getting proposed to. That’s little embarrassing. I’ve never had experienced something like this before. I turned to look at Karen while contemplating and realized that she was engrossed in watching the little foxes playing around. She wasn’t intending to join the conversation anyway. Karen, can’t you at least listen to what we’re talking about.

“… Well, I don’t particularly mind.”

After thinking about it for a while, I came up with a conclusion. If she wants to return the favor, then I should give her a chance to do it. I just need to ask her for help when I need it. Ouka’s cheered up after hearing my response. Her serious expression was no longer in her face.

“I-Is it fine?”
“Yeah, I’m looking forward to working with you.”

I reached my hand to Ouka. It’s pretty uncomfortable to see her kneeling down all this time. Ouka caught my hand with both of her hands and stood up.

“As incompetent as I am, I am looking forward to being by your side as well!”

With a low voice tone, Ouka happily replied to me in a polite manner. Seriously, it feels like I got proposed to. I got in a subtle mood from her attitude and the way she spoke to me.

“It looks like you received a love confession.”

Karen muttered in a low voice as she watched Ouka bowing down to me. So she was listening to our conversation. She spoke exactly what was on my mind. I looked at Karen with an awkward smile and realized that my phone was ringing in my pocket. I wonder who is calling. I turned on the screen and saw Meru who was trying to tell me something.

“I heard you’re conversation, Desu. I have a good solution, Desu.”
“You were listening to us all this time?”

How impressing of her to affirm that she was eavesdropping on us without feeling embarrassed by herself. I asked her about this solution she was talking about.

“So, what’s this good solution?”
“It’s for Ouka-sama to be always by your side, Desu!”
“Is that possible?!”

Ouka reacted before me to what Meru said. She approached the phone screen while still being excited. So fast. I even doubted the fact that she can’t use teleportation for an instant and stepped back. Meru puffed her chest as if to boast at Ouka who got her expectation raised.

“That is right! Master, please use your【Servitude Magic】, Desu.”

I didn’t immediately understand what Meru meant by【Servitude Magic】but come to think of it, I had some skill like that. I only used it on Rouga in the past, so I totally forgot about its existence.

“You want me to make Ouka my servant?”

Meru nodded to my question,【Servitude Magic】can be used on every living creature that is not a human, so it must work on Ouka who is a Youkai too. Meru’s intent was to use the exclusive skill I have with【Servitude Magic】. In other words, I can summon Ouka anywhere and anytime I want using my teleportation skill.

“But how do you know about my skills, Meru?”
“I know everything about you, master.”

Did she just dodge my question? I don’t remember speaking about my skills to her. Or did she find them in those documents in Metron’s room? I need to ask her about this later.

“Ouka, so, what are you going to—”
“I will!”

Ouka shook her head vertically before I could even finish my sentence. Apparently, there was no need to ask for her consent. I got a little perplexed by her firm answer and went to use my【Servitude Magic】on her.

“Okay, I will cast it on you.”
“I am ready.”

I closed my eyes and concentrated on the single idea of making Ouka, my servant. A short while later, an announce message resounded in my head.

“Ouka is now a servant.”

It was faster this time because Ouka had already a personal name.

“We’re done.”

Despite that, I was not feeling any change, Ouka couldn’t believe that she already became a servant and started looking around her. It’s hard to feel a change since her body is still the same.

“Try thinking about being behind me for starter.”

Following my suggestion, she closed her eyes and thought about standing behind me before she disappeared. Karen seemed to be surprised to see her disappear, but not as much as Ouka who found herself behind my back.

“T-This is…”
“See? You can do it now.”

Ouka stood in a daze for a moment until she felt what happened to her for real then changed her confused expression into a broad smile.

“I can’t thank you enough for this Yato-sama! I will do my best!!”

She sounded so delighted and energetically bowed down to me again. I replied with a vague answer while asking her to raise her head. I’m glad she is happy, but I don’t know when I will call her for help. Maybe I will never get a chance to call her.

“Well then, we will be going now.”

We need to go before it gets too late for the festival. Karen and I turned around and were about to teleport back near the place where the festival was held, but…

“Ah, Yato-sama.”

Ouka called me, which made me halt my steps. I turned around to look at her and realized that she was already close to me. She grabbed my shoulders with both of her hands and whispered into my ears.

“If you won’t call me for a long time, I will come to you by myself.”

She whispered in my ears with a cheerful and somewhat teasing voice. Her face was too close to the point I could feel her breath in my ears. It looks like I received a surprise attack at the very end. I thought to myself, unaware that Ouka’s real surprise attack was yet about to come.

“I’d like to thank you for saving me from Souki earlier.”

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She acted as if she were going to let away and then she moved her lips to my cheek.

(ED: Yato.exe has stopped working.)


Karen let out a short shriek from witnessing Ouka kissing me on the cheek, but that scream didn’t really reach me at that time. Ouka revealed a mischievous smile as if she were flaunting her successful plan and slightly blushed while hiding her face. I couldn’t keep up with what she, and remained standing still until my mind started working again and I started laughing awkwardly. I never know what she will do to me if I don’t summon her. After that, I got tortured by an awkward mood of happiness and regret.

“W-We’re going now.”

This time we bade a short farewell to Ouka and teleported back to our dimension. Seriously, did things really have to end up this way? I let out a sigh after leaving the shrine with Karen. I have never seen Ouka acting that way since the day we met for the first time in this summer. I was frankly confused by her unexpected daringness and felt someone’s gaze next to me. Karen was glaring at me with a clearly displeased face.

“W-What’s wrong?”
“… I-Idiot!!”

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After leaving only that word as a reply, she started walking ahead. I got further confused by that reply and followed her while flustering and calling her to explain, though she refused to speak.

“Eh, wait, not, why, wait!”

Why is she mad? I can’t find any reason for her acting this way.

The night sky was clear and fireworks set off with various colors and shapes. Only my heart was clouded with gloom and misery.


Being honest.

“Hey, Karen.”
“… Hmph.”
“C’mon, Karen.”
“… Hmph.”
“Just listen to me.”
“… Hmph.”
“… Wanna eat cotton candy?”
“… Yes.”
“You’re too honest with yourself, aren’t you?”

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